Vertagear Pline Gaming Chairs Front SidesSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore(Left) PL6000. (Right) PL1000.

Whether you like sitting at your desk and playing video games or work at your computer for long stretches, it really pays to have a quality chair to sit on. Some of the best gaming chairs in particular provide excellent back and neck support, helping you to sit with good posture while feeling comfortable.

I recently had the chance to check out two chairs from Vertagear's P-Line: the basic PL1000 design and the big and tall PL6000 model. They both come covered in PU leather, are easy to assemble, and are comfortable to sit in for long stretches. It's just that the PL6000 offers more conveniences and features than the PL1000. .

P-Line seating

Vertagear Pl1000 And Pl6000 Product Shot

Vertagear Gaming Chairs

Bottom line: Vertagear offers a range of gaming chairs to fit your needs. They are easy to assemble, have cool colors to choose from, and feel plenty sturdy. However, they are a bit pricey and have some strange design choices.


  • Nice materials and easy to assemble
  • Good back support with removable pillows
  • Cool color options
  • Adjustable armrests
  • High weight capacity


  • Expensive
  • Armrests aren't as nice as the rest
  • A bit stiff

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Vertagear P-Line Gaming Chairs review What I like

Pl6000 Pieces UnassembledVertagear Pl1000 Pieces UnassembledSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore(Left) PL6000 unassembled. (Right) PL1000 unassembled.

They take less than 20 minutes to assemble.

Both the PL1000 and PL6000 were a snap to assemble, taking no longer than 20 minutes each to put everything together. A large allen wrench is included in the box to help twist the screws in place and get everthing set up. Additionally, while the instructions weren't written in English, I was easily able to follow the images to get everything set up quickly.

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I especially like that the instructions call to bolt the back of the chair to the cushion in such a way that it hides any ugly metal connections sticking out from the bottom. Many other gaming chairs have the metal on the outside and then have you hide it with an extra piece of plastic, which just makes the chairs look bulky.

Quality materials & cool design

Vertagear Pl1000 Backside StitchingPl6000 Backside StitchingSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore(Left) Backside of PL6000. (Right) Backside of PL1000.

Both the PL6000 and the PL1000 are covered in PUC, a mixture of PVC and PU faux-leather. It feels soft-yet-durable and is easy to clean if you accidentally spill something while at your desk. The PL1000's five star wheel base is made of metal while the PL6000's is aluminum alloy. They both have steel frames and can hold a decent amount of weight and feel sturdy, though the PL6000 can definitely handle more weight than the PL1000.

Vertagear Pl1000 Side BoltsSource: Rebecca Spear / iMoreThe bolts that connect the PL1000's back to the cushion.

The PL6000 has a slightly more flashy look to it while the PL1000 is more subtle and understated. I love the slim strips of color and red stitching on the PL1000 and the vibrant red logo on the pillow. And the PL6000's bold racing stripes down either side make it very nice to look at. Even the wheels on both gaming chairs match the colors of the main body which works together to create a very pleasant design overall.

Weight & height capacity

Pl6000 Seat TextureVertagear Pl1000 SearSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore(Left) PL6000's cushion. (Right) PL1000's cushion.

The PL6000 is intended for big and tall folks with a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds.

The PL6000 is intended for big and tall folks with a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. Vertagear also says it's recommended for people between five-feet-nine-inches and six-feet-eight-inches tall. While testing it, I definitely noticed that it is larger than many other gaming chairs I've sat in.

I'm five-foot-six-inches tall and when the PL6000's cylinder is fully extended,is there I can't touch my feet on the ground while sitting in the chair. Even my six-foot-five-inch husband says it goes higher up than any other seat he's ever sat in and still feels plenty sturdy. The headrest pillow does dig into his back and makes him hunch, so he prefers not to use it. However the chair is plenty comfy without it. I personally find the headrest pillow is in a perfect position for me to use, so I like to keep it on while sitting in the PL6000.

Vertagear Pl1000 Neck PillowSource: Rebecca Spear / iMorePL1000's headrest pillow.

The PL1000's weight capacity maxes out at 240 pounds and structurally it feels like it would last me a long time. My husband isn't willing to sit in it since he's a larger person and thus a decent ways over the weight limit. My guess is it could hold him for awhile, but overtime would eventually sag under the pressure. The headrest pillow rests at a good height and is pleasant for me to use whether I'm sitting up or reclining as far back as the gaming chair can go.

Vertagear P-Line Gaming Chairs review What I don't like

Pl6000 Lumbar Pillow StrapsSource: Rebecca Spear / iMoreStraps for the PL6000's lumbar pillow being held in place by the headrest pillow straps.

The way the PL6000's lower back pillow attaches to the chair looks janky.

The biggest complaint I have is with the PL6000. The way the lower back pillow attaches to the chair looks really janky. Kind of like someone attaching a fannypack using suspenders. Since there aren't any holes in the chair's backside, you have to slip the straps under the headrest pillow to keep the lumbar pillow in place. It's strange that such a costly chair would force you to keep one pillow attached by using another. It makes the chair look a little cheap in comparison with other chairs in the same price range.

Additionally, these chairs feel rather stiff compared to some of the other gaming chairs I've tested within the same price range. The PUC material definitely feels nice, but there isn't a lot of cushioning on either one of them. If you're looking for a softer chair to sit in, this won't meet your needs.

Pl6000 Armwrest ControlsVertagear Pl1000 ArmwrestSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore(Left) PL6000 armrest. (Right) PL1000 armrest.

Lastly, the armwrests for both chairs look lower quality than the rest of the chair, but that's unfortunately common in the best gaming chairs. The PL6000's can adjust up and down or slide forward and back. However, the PL1000's are more limited, only able to go up and down. They also have a weird indented shape that matches the shape of your arms and feels good when you're sitting up straight in your chair. However, the minute you shift to a new position, that indentation just feels awkward.

Vertagear P-Line Gaming Chairs review Competition

Pl6000 Looking Up At ItSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

If you like the idea of a gaming chair but aren't sure about going with Vertagear, then you ought to consider these other options.

The Anda Seat Fnatic gaming chair will last you a long time and is made of some of the best materials. It has a flashy design and can hold up to 441 pounds. Not to mention the company used to design BMW and Mercedes car seats, so they know what they're doing. It's what I consider to be one of the best gaming chairs out there.

Anyone who's a Marvel or Avengers enthusiast will definitely want to take a look at the Anda Seat Marvel Series gaming chairs. There are four different designs including Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man. Each one offers great lumbar support, a solid build, and they're covered in soft leather.

If you like the look of an Anda Seat, but want something a bit more simple, then you ought to consider the Anda Seat Dark Demon. It comes in two different colors, features both a headrest and a lumbar pillow, and it just looks cool.

Vertagear P-Line Gaming Chairs review Should you buy it?

Pl6000 Fully AssembledVertagear Pl1000 Upright Forward FacingSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore(Left) PL6000. (Right) PL1000.

Vertagear's P-Line gaming chairs are made of really nice materials and can hold a decent amount of weight. Since there are four different chair designs that make up the P-Line series, anyone can find a chair in the lineup that fits their needs. I love that the chairs each come in a variety of color options while looking cool and feeling sturdy.

3.5 out of 5

My biggest gripes are that there's plenty of other chairs in competition with the PL6000 that cost roughly the same and are designed with better pillow designs and cushions. Not to mention, you can get something for the same amount that is made of higher-quality materials. That being said, the PL6000 is a sturdy gaming chair that I believe could last someone a long time.

Big and tall seating

Vertagear Pl6000 Product Shot

Vertagear PL6000 gaming chair

Hefty materials and weight capacity

With its XL design and 350lb weight capacity, this gaming chair can handle quite a bit. It comes in several cool colors and is covered in PUC leather.

Baseline seating

Vertagear Pl1000 Product Shot

Vertagear PL1000 gaming chair

Basic gaming chair

This is a far simpler gaming chair, but it has plenty of features to help you sit comfortably for long stretches. Plus, it comes in several different colors so you can choose the look you like best.

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