Iphone 12 Pro Pacific Blue Iphone 11 Midnight Green Side By Side BlackSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has added its ProRAW photo format to iOS 14.3 beta 1.
  • Matt Birchler recorded a video showing what ProRAW and Night Mode can do when enabled together.

Apple's recent iOS 14.3 beta release brought with it our first chance to test its new ProRAW photography feature. In simple terms, Apple ProRAW will combine the editing capabilities of the standard RAW format, while also allowing the use of computational photography like Night Mode. And the results are pretty impressive.

While this is still only the first beta release of the new ProRAW feature, things are looking positive. Sure, apps have let us capture in RAW before, what that meant things like Night Mode were disabled. This video by Matt Birchler illustrates that point brilliantly by comparing an image taken in Apple ProRAW and another taken in standard RAW using the excellent Halide app.

Check it out.

The results speak for themselves. The standard RAW images are unusable, while the ProRAW ones were already pretty great. A little tweaking here and there and things improved yet further.

There's no telling when Apple ProRAW and iOS 14.3 will be available to the public but this is already shaping up to be the go-to feature when the update lands. Especially if you're going to be taking photos in the dark!