You can animate objects and erase green screens with Videoleap for iOS

Lightrick, the developer of apps like Facetune and the award-winning Enlight, recently released the newest addition to their creative suite: Enlight Videoleap. According to the company, Videoleap is "poised to revolutionize the creation and editing of today's digital video content," and allows you to access editing features that only desktop editing software is usually capable of. If you're familiar with Enlight, you'll be very comfortable using Videoleap as it has a similar workflow. However, if you're new to the entire Lightrick family of products, you still shouldn't have much trouble — Videoleap has an accessible interface with clearly marked editing tools.

CEO and Co-Founder of Lightricks Zeev Farbman had this to say about the new app:

Nothing like Videoleap exists on the market — this is the first true video editing app for mobile. Essentially, we are providing users with a mobile video production studio — yet weʼve simplified it for the mobile experience so that our users can make Hollywood-style edits in just a few minutes. Videoleap lets users cut down typical editing times on desktop from hours to minutes.

Videoleap has all your usual video editing features such as trimming, music and filters, but is also packed with more powerful features, including:

  • Keyframe animations: Users can animate objects (like text) in a video with the keyframe timeline, meaning that they can define when exactly an object appears in the video and control the position and other properties of said object in specific frames. This allows for the creation of complex animations.
  • Layers: Users have access to multi-layer functionality, and within each layer they can add and adjust additional videos, images, text and effects from a library of assets and content.
  • Chroma Key: According to Lightricks' press release, this feature uses AI edge awareness to remove solid backgrounds while leaving foregrounds intact (a bit like using a green screen), so you can merge and blend multiple videos into one finished product.
  • Blending and Masking: Users can overlay and adjust images, videos and text with various blending and masking modes for really cool and surreal effects.
  • Color Adjustments: Videoleap will use its powerful image processing capabilities to color-correct your videos for you, or you can have complete control over the adjustments yourself.

Enlight Videoleap is a free app, however you won't get the full gamut of professional tools unless you upgrade to Videoleap Pro. Lightrick is offering a half-off deal right now, meaning for a limited time you can upgrade by purchasing a monthly subscription for only $3.99/month, a yearly subscription for only $1.67/month, or by paying a one-time fee of $39.99. Considering the high prices of desktop video editing software, that's not a bad deal. After this promotional period is over though, prices will double, so if you're interested I'd hop on it as soon as possible.

Thoughts? Questions?

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Tory Foulk

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