Apple Vision Pro does in fact have a removable battery cable but you'll need to have your SIM ejector tool handy

Apple Vision Pro battery
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With Apple Vision Pro launching on February 2, we’re learning new information about Apple’s mixed reality headset by the minute. Earlier this week, initial reviews dropped, and one surprise was the supposed lack of removable cable on the Vision Pro’s battery pack. Similar to the original HomePod, however, while not advertised by Apple, the cable is indeed removable.

Ray Wong, on X, shared his experience with the Vision Pro battery pack and showcased how to remove the cable from the battery with a simple SIM ejector tool. There’s a small hole on the battery itself that, when pushed, unlocks the cable, showcasing what appears to be a longer Lightning connector port.

Wong added comparison pictures between the connector and a traditional Lightning connector, which shows the Vision Pro’s battery cable is about double the width.

There were concerns when it was revealed that the Apple Vision Pro’s battery pack did not have a removable cable, with worries of potential fraying or the need to replace the full battery if a user accidentally damages the connection point. While Apple hasn’t announced if it will sell the cable individually, this opens up the potential for easy repairs at the Apple Store.

Battery replacements

Apple currently offers replacement Vision Pro batteries for $199 via the Apple Store and the Apple Store Online — so if you want to get more hours out of your new spatial computing headset while on the go, you can carry multiple batteries in your backpack.

Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s first foray into the world of mixed-reality headsets, and we’re excited to see what the headset is capable of once developers start to release apps for the platform. As we get closer to the official release, new applications are appearing on the visionOS App Store, and we can’t wait to try them out.

Stay tuned to iMore for all your Vision Pro coverage, it’s definitely an exciting time to be a technology fan.

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