Apple Vision Pro spotted in Turkish airport — and the price will astound you

Apple Vision Pro.
(Image credit: Brady Snyder / Future)

If you live in Europe and you want Apple Vision Pro, the company’s revolutionary spatial headset, you can finally pick one up — but only in one airport and for a huge price. 

Seen in an airport in Istanbul, Apple Vision Pro is selling for €4,699, down €160 from the €4,859 it was originally selling for. The original sale price works out to just under $5,300, which can get you an Apple Vision Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and one of the best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases in the United States pre-tax.

Curiously, the store in question, R&D, appears to be an official Apple Authorized Seller, and can even be found as such on the Apple website. However, it seems unlikely this is early stock being let out into the world. It seems far more likely that this was imported during flights from the U.S. to Turkey and then resold for a huge profit at the store. 

Why you should wait for Apple Vision Pro to come to Europe

Not only are you severely overpaying for the headset by ordering it early in Europe, but it won’t even work properly. You need a US Apple ID to download new apps, watch content, and activate subscriptions. You can technically turn it on without a US Apple ID but not much more. You could create an Apple ID to use it, by accessing a friend's address and creating a new one. However, you won’t have your Apple Pay, progress made in any games, or any saved passwords linked to your account. 

By using a new Apple ID on your Apple Vision Pro, you will lose access to all of your subscriptions, which means you can’t play the best Apple Arcade games or watch the best Apple TV Plus shows. Not only is this the case but apps for Apple Vision Pro won’t be localized for you, meaning some phrasing may seem unfamiliar and some languages won’t be supported. We don’t yet have an official release date on the Apple Vision Pro in Europe but we’re hoping to hear more about it at WWDC 2024 next month. 

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