Apple Vision Pro weight and comfort: How heavy is Apple's spatial computing headset?

Apple Vision Pro headset, an augmented reality wearable that puts applications and digital environments into your real world.
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Now that pre-orders are live we can confirm Apple’s Vision Pro’s weight. In the run-up to launch a few hands-on impressions have noticed the substantial weight of the device. Most notably, popular tech influencer Marques Brownlee noted after his hands-on:

“First time I tried Vision Pro: Damn this display is amazing and the eye tracking is like magic and this feels very future and also it’s a little heavy 

Second time: immersion factor is still so high. Special videos are hit or miss, you gotta get the distance right. And wow this thing is really, heavy, not sure how long I’d be able to wear this

Third time: Damn this thing is heavy. Also the typing experience is decent. There’s some new cool apps to check out. But wow. So heavy.”

So how much does Apple Vision Pro weigh, exactly? And how does that stack up to rival headsets on the market. 

Apple Vision Pro weight

According to the official tech specs, Apple Vision Pro weighs between 21.2 And 22.9 ounces. That’s 600-650g, or between 1.325 and 1.43 pounds. The weight varies depending on which headband you’re using, and the size of the Light Seal included to give you the best fit. 

Apple Vision Pro weight versus the competition

Sony’s PlayStation VR weighs approximately 600 grams, while Meta’s popular Quest 2 is considerably lighter at 503g, or 17.7 oz. The newer Meta Quest 3 is a bit heavier, weighing in at 18.2 ounces or 515 grams and the HTC Vive XR Elite weighs 625.

While these are all lighter than Apple Vision Pro, one notably heavier competitor is the Meta Quest Pro, which clocks in at 1.6 pounds or 722g. 

One important difference, however, is that all of the aforementioned rivals have a built-in battery. Apple’s battery pack for Vision Pro is separate, weighing in at 353g, or more than half the overall weight of the headset again. However, this weight isn’t borne by your head or neck, as you can pop the battery into a pocket, on your lap, or on your belt using Belkin’s Battery clip.

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