Bemused San Diego police issue Apple Vision Pro warning — Pedestrian wandering past arrest scene might be the best meme yet

San Diego Arrest Scene
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Bemused officers of the San Diego Police Department have issued a warning to potential Apple Vision Pro-wearing pedestrians after a local resident was filmed wandering past an arrest scene engrossed in spatial wonderment. 

Vlad Kislov was recorded walking down a San Diego street in a now-viral video posted to the SDPD’s Instagram page. “A video making its rounds online shows our patrol team in Central Division ‘face-to-face’ with the future - a pedestrian donning the latest Apple Vision Pro headset while walking in the street downtown,” the caption reads. 

SDPD said “It was a sight that had us pausing in bewilderment.” The footage, shot from an adjacent building, shows Kislov wearing his Vision Pro, wandering past the unfortunate scene of an arrest on the corner of an intersection. 

Dystopian future

The footage is hilariously dystopian, and wouldn’t look out of place in the new Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. The onboard video from Kislov, provided to San Diego Humor on Instagram, is even funnier. In the footage, Kislov stops on the street corner to adjust his Apple Music window, before crossing the street in full view of the onlooking officers. Matthew Wilder’s Break My Stride, while not the song Kislov is actually listening to, adds to the bizarre atmosphere of the video. 

Amidst the hilarity, the SDPD did issue a warning to Apple Vision Pro wearers out in the wild. “Let's remember the importance of pedestrian safety,” the department stated. “Keep those virtual experiences on the sidewalk, folks, and let's cross streets the old-fashioned way - with our eyes wide open to the real world, unobstructed and without distractions!”

Despite its niche appeal and high price tag, Apple Vision Pro has taken the world by storm since its launch earlier this month. As with this frankly hilarious arrest scene, the distracting and somewhat insular nature of the headset remains a running theme in early reactions and discourse. 

This latest video is right up there with that of a pilot flying a plane while wearing Vision Pro, and a dangerous ‘skit’ featuring a Tesla driver using it at the wheel of a car running in Autopilot. The series of wild and increasingly outrageous Vision Pro stunts we’ve seen since its release come despite Apple’s staunch Vision Pro safety warnings which stated the device should never be used while operating a vehicle, bicycle, or any other heavy machinery. Apparently, it should add ‘when near a crime scenet’ to the list as well.

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