Is this viral video the best demo of Apple Vision Pro yet? — Incredible spatial computing clip "is better than Apple's actual ads"

Apple Vision Pro demo
(Image credit: Himels Tech)

Thinking of buying Apple Vision Pro, but need a little extra persuasion? Check out this slick demo that is better than "Apple's actual ads for Vision Pro.”

In a video from Himels Tech, the creator demonstrates how Apple’s new headset fits into the rest of his life. This includes all the different ways he uses virtual screens, like a grocery list on top of the fridge and a working setup near his Mac. Where Apple’s ads tend to focus on the individual moments of Vision Pro, like watching a spatial video or a FaceTime call with a friend, this focuses on how you can use the headset day to day.

Apple tries to avoid calling Vision Pro a VR, AR, or even a mixed-reality headset, opting instead for its own term: Spatial computing. This refers to the fact that the headset physically remembers and works in the space around you. Being able to place virtual screens around your space is one of the biggest selling points of the device, and Himels’ video gives us a practical way of using the new tech. 

The internet reacts

The demo has already been hailed as “better than Apple’s actual ads for Vision Pro” garnering 16 million views on X.

In fact, @thekitze, who shared the video, says they were planning on installing tablets around their house to control their smart home but that “After watching this, it seems like such an ancient idea”. 

Not everyone was quite as positive about the demo, with one user saying “oh god what a nightmare with screens everywhere”. Another user said “It’s a great ad for AVP. A truly miserable reality though.” As someone who already has a frankly absurd amount of devices around my house, I already have screens everywhere so Apple Vision Pro may not be that useful for me. Having a recipe video ready to go when I want to cook is a nice feature though.

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