New Apple Vision Pro advert is like a whistle stop tour of Hollywood history via glasses, goggles and headsets — how many movies and shows featured can you name?

A clip of the Young Frankenstein movie, as seen in the Apple Vision Pro 'Get Ready' advert.
(Image credit: Apple / 20th Century Studios)

The hype train for Apple Vision Pro is building up steam, and with it comes a charming new advert for Apple’s hot new headset. 

Overnight a short advertisement, titled ‘Get Ready’ was posted by Apple. It shows a montage of cinema and TV footage from across the ages, showcasing clips where stars and heroes don goggles, glasses and space-age helmets. From Young Frankenstein to Star Wars and the Marvel movies, it’s like a whistle stop tour of Hollywood history, with a dashing of sci-fi future gazing added for good measure, culminating in a brief look at the Vision Pro itself. Watch it below.

Not only does it build excitement for the new product but, as many have pointed out, it references back to a bit of Apple’s own history. When the original iPhone launched, Apple put together a clip showing the evolution of telephone use through film and TV clips, titled ‘Hello’. You can watch that video below, too.

Drawing a line from the iPhone to the Vision Pro is an interesting choice from Apple, suggesting Apple expects the headset to be just as revolutionary as its first handset was.

A smart hype train builder — iMore’s take

The new advert is smart in other ways too. One of the ongoing fears or criticisms of headset tech like the Vision Pro (or the Meta Quest line even), is that they’re almost alien experiences, the sort of thing that people won’t feel comfortable with. We hear horror stories of VR motion sickness (which I have some experience with), and the isolating nature of headset apps.

But by framing the Vision Pro alongside these familiar faces from small and silver screen, Apple’s reminding us that what the Vision Pro offers is something we’ve dreamed about in popular culture for decades. Whether it’s Iron Man’s heads-up display or Geordi La Forge’s visor from Star Trek, this is a vision of the future that we’ve longed for for years. It's familiar to us, just not directly in our experiences.

And it’s almost here. Apple Vision Pro goes up for pre-order on January 19 to customers in the US, and will be available to pick up instore from February 2. It’ll cost $3,499, and will require an in-person visit to an Apple Store to complete the purchase, with staff set to ensure all aspects of the fit and use of the new device is fully explained to customers before they take it home.

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