Zuckerberg dunks on Apple Vision Pro again, and I don't think he gets this headset

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Mark Zuckerberg has thrown another jab at Apple's Vision Pro headset, once again comparing it to the Meta Quest 3. Reviewing the headset in a video was one thing, but the Meta CEO now seems a little obsessed with dunking on Apple's flagship headset. And I think he's missing the point of it entirely.

In a debate on Threads with Mosaic Ventures' Benedict Evans, Zuckerberg couldn't help but highlight what he sees as the Vision Pro's shortfalls, especially when stacked against Meta's more wallet-friendly Quest. Evans, seemingly playing devil's advocate, pointed out the Vision Pro as the device Meta aspires to be in a few years, while also acknowledging Quest's price point as Apple's target in the same timeframe. A fair point, but Zuckerberg was quick to clarify that it's not about being the same but being better.

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Diving into the tech nitty-gritty, Zuckerberg critiqued everything from the Vision Pro's heft to its motion blur and the lack of precision in inputs. He argued that if Quest were to adopt these features, it would be a step backwards. While he conceded that Apple's device boasts a higher resolution, he was quick to add that this came at a cost of several other compromises, making the Vision Pro inferior in many respects.

Does Zuck even get the Vision Pro?

Zuckerberg's latest comments are just the cherry on top of an ongoing rivalry, sprinkled with snarky reviews and critiques. It seems like the Meta CEO doesn't really get the point of Apple's headset.

On paper, Zuck is right; the Quest 3 is a better offering. It's lighter, offers more apps, has a wider field of view, doesn't suffer from motion blur as much, and it does come with a few other pros. As someone who's actually used the headset, I can tell you how valuable a lighter and more comfortable device is. But it's not all about the specs on paper.

One thing that Meta cannot compete with is Apple's software and ecosystem. visionOS provides a much better experience than Meta's software, on devices that do similar things. Then you get to the ecosystem benefits in Apple's corner – having your messages and calls just sync across. And the eye-tracking on Vision Pro? It feels like magic when you use it.

And that's what Apple wants. The Vision Pro isn't going to be a headset everyone rushes out to buy, but it does provide "experience" in the best way. Things just work – they feel like magic. That's the reason people buy iPhones. And it's what Apple wants mixed reality to feel like. Apple is at the start of the VR race ... and the company stands a good chance of winning if it offers the right experience.

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