Into the VOID: the Ghostbusters Dimension VR experience

I had one ambition as a child: to become a Ghostbuster. Life then taught me that it wasn't a possibility (sadly), and I gave up on it... in this dimension. Turns out, if I swap dimensions, I can become what I was always meant to be. The Ghostbusters Dimension VR experience at Madame Tussaud's in NYC allows visitors to step in and bust ghosts with the best of them.

MrMobile got a chance to check out the future of VR experiences this past August with the team from VRHeads. Together, they took down the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and got a nice, toasty, s'more-like smell as a reward. Michael Fisher lets you in on all the incredible details in this video above.

Also, check out this article here for more about this experience!

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Justus Perry

Justus Perry is a producer for MrMobile. He still likes Match 3 games, despite their ubiquity. He's also a comedian and actor.