Waiting for Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch? You'll enjoy these games!

We're in the final stretch before Diablo 3 lands on Nintendo Switch, folks, and what a time to be alive. Yes, I'm quite enamored with Diablo games, and I explained the reasoning for my excitement a while back.

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Anyway, we're about a month away from finally getting our hands on Diablo 3 on a portable console, but for some of us, that's still quite a ways off. What if we're itching for a dungeon-crawling fix to keep us busy in the meantime? Fret not! There's still plenty of good gaming options to help satiate your craving until Diablo arrives.

Cat Quest

Are you a cat person who's craving adventure? Then Cat Quest is the perfect little open-world action RPG!

In Cat Quest, players take on the role of a cat who's feline sister has been kidnapped by the evil Drakoth. Only you can save her, so you set out for a grand quest in Felingard.

With Cat Quest, you'll enjoy open-world, real-time battles with various mobs of critters and boss battles. You can focus on close-range melee combat or even go for ranged magic attacks.

There's plenty of loot to discover through chests, enemy drops, and shops too. Equip your cat in the best armor and weapons to make sure that no foe is left standing as you rescue your sister.

Cat Quest is a personal favorite, and definitely appealing to anyone who likes dungeon crawling adventures and cats.

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Nine Parchments

Nine Parchments features magical spells and wizardry in a co-op action RPG adventure. Yes, you can be like Harry Potter in this magic game.

In Nine Parchments, the story focuses on a group of runaway wizard apprentices who decide to skip training and look for the Nine Parchments instead. They'll find stronger and more powerful spells while ignoring all issues of safety.

The young wizards will soon discover that there are plenty of odd creatures and bosses, and they'll need to figure out how to use those powerful spells quickly.

Players are able to customize the skill paths for their characters, as well as equip them with amazing gear that they manage to find. Plus, the game supports four players at a time, so enjoy some co-op magical fun with your buddies.

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Titan Quest

Titan Quest is an action RPG dungeon crawler with a top-down perspective from the guys behind Age of Empires.

In Titan Quest, players find themselves in the worlds of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Asia as Titans have taken over the lands. It's up to a mighty hero to take these colossal Titans down, and that happens to be you.

Titan Quest features over 28 classes for players to choose from when making their hero. And with over 1000 pieces of unique and legendary gear to equip, the possibilities are endless when it comes to becoming the ultimate champion.

The world of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Asia are filled with mythical beasts, but you can grab some friends and play for a co-op adventure with up to 6 players.

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Victor Vran Overkill Edition

You are Victor, the hunter of all demons who sets out to liberate Zagoravia, the cursed city. Yup, that sounds pretty Diablo-like, right?

Players get to choose from over 10 distinctive weapon classes (guitars are a weapon here) that affect the overall gameplay. Not only that, but you also get 19 different demonic powers to utilize in crushing your enemies.

And Victor does it all in style! Choose from 12 different outfits that boost your abilities as you face off against the toughest demons from hell. The game throws 10 kinds of demon breeds at you, and you'll see over 50 locations, including entire worlds inspired by Motörhead.

Victor Vran Overkill Edition is the definitive version of this action-packed RPG, and it's well worth checking out.

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Next Up Hero

If you like cartoonish, hand-drawn graphics in a colorful world, then Next Up Hero's the game for you.

With Next Up Hero, players will find co-op action RPG dungeon-crawling fun with unique characters and weapons. Each hero is special and has their own unique play styles, like regular slashing or you can even bang on a bongo drum to attack your foes. Or even just jet your way through!

You'll find plenty of randomized dungeons in Next Up Hero, with a ton of loot and levels to max out your stats. Buckle up—it's going to be a wild ride.

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Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend Nintendo Switch

Wizard of Legend Nintendo Switch (Image credit: Humble Games)

If you want more of a challenge with some magic, then Wizard of Legend tests your skill.

This fast-paced dungeon crawler has you taking on the role of a wizard who's capable of incredibly powerful spells. Upgrade your magical scrolls and take various trinkets that grant helpful skills with you into the dungeons, where you partake in a trial of sorts to prove your worth.

Wizard of Legend contains over 100 distinctive spells and trinkets for a ton of possibilities for play styles. Find what suits you best and work with it!

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The Binding of Isaac

Everyone's heard of The Binding of Isaac at this point, but it's still a great game to consider, especially if you like dungeon crawler action RPGs with some roguelike mixed in.

In The Binding of Isaac, take control of Isaac, who's trying to get away from a religious-crazed mother who wants to sacrifice Isaac to prove her faithfulness to religion. Use your tears as bullets and take out hordes of demonic creatures and bosses that have just been hiding in the basement all this time.

There are 13 characters you can play as, and hundreds of items to help you on your journey to overcome the mother. There are 180 different enemies and over 90 bosses to tackle, including your own mom. And while every round is procedurally generated, there are also 20 endings to discover for yourself.

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Diablo 3 is coming

Yes, we are approaching the time when Diablo 3 will finally be available in a portable mode, gamers rejoice! But in the meantime, if you need a dungeon crawling fix, these are also some great games that you should check out while you wait.

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Have any other suggestions on Diablo-like games on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments!

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