Walter Isaacson may expand Steve Jobs official biography

Fortune is reporting that Walter Isaacson, author of the official biography of Steve Jobs, may be planning an expansion of 630-page book in the future.

At an event in San Francisco hosted by the Commonwealth Club of California, Isaacson shared a number of gems about the two years he spent with Jobs writing the book and talked about the possibility of expanding the title in the future. Fortune senior editor at large Adam Lashinsky moderated the talk.

Being such an iconic figure, Isaacson believes the additions will be needed as many feel Steve Jobs' story to be such a historic mark on humanity, and the book in its current version doesn't give enough credit to the plethora of innovation he's brought to the technology space.

Steve Jobs went on to become the number one selling book on Amazon for 2011 after receiving mild reviews, which may be one of the reasons he's planning an annotated version of the biography. Another possibility is writing an addendum to get into the period of Steve's life shortly before his tragic passing.

Source: Fortune

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