Pro Display XDR with Mac Pro and MacBook ProSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's Pro Display XDR is only supposed to be compatible with some devices.
  • But YouTuber Max Tech wanted to see what happened when he plugged some machines in.
  • 13 computers later, we have our answer.

There's been so much attention lavished on Mac Pro that it's sometimes easy to forget about the Pro Display XDR monitor. At $4,999 it's something most people won't buy – and that's before you find somewhere to put it other than the $999 stand. But if you do have one, what can you plug into it?

Apple lists a select few computers that it reckons will work with the Pro Display XDR, along with a catch-all caveat that anything with specific ports will also work just fine. But YouTuber Max Tech wanted to see what would happen if you stepped outside that list of computers. What would work, and what wouldn't?

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That's a fine question and you can watch this 12-minute video to see what happened.

13 different machines were tested including MacBook Air, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, a Chromebook Go, and some Windows PCs to round things out.

The too-long-didn't-watch version? You'd be surprised what works – at least to some extent – with a Pro Display XDR monitor. But you probably shouldn't spend the thousands of dollars to get one unless you're using it with an officially supported Mac.

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