Bluetooth iPodSource: DankPods

What you need to know

  • YouTuber DankPods has revealed in a video his attempt to create a Bluetooth iPod.
  • The attempt uses a couple of classic iPods and some "interesting" Bluetooth configurations.
  • The resulting video is pretty funny.

Australian YouTuber DankPods has posted a video in which he attempts to create a Bluetooth iPod, using some old generation iPods and a very interesting configuration of parts.

DankPods says that the video is "by far the most requested thing on this channel". Jestingly, he begins by using a Bluetooth transmitter, an aux cable and a Bluetooth receiver plugged into a speaker. That, of course, is a pretty simple setup, but not quite what viewers are after.

He upgrades the setup somewhat by using a tiny aux cable to create a sort of "Bluetooth antenna" for the iPod, and he even tries to run it through an old remote attachment for iPod.

Finally, he reveals an iPod that plays music using Bluetooth, with no external paraphernalia, to the tune of none-other than All Star by Smashmouth. The result looks pretty fantastic until he reveals that in order to make the iPod work, you have to crack it open each time you want to activate the Bluetooth transmitter shoved inside the iPod's housing.

Recently, DankPods also posted a project in which he adds 1TB of storage to an old iPod Classic. You can check that video out here. The attempt at a Bluetooth iPod can be found below!