WaterField Designs launches AirTag Keychain & AirTag Luggage Tag

Waterfield Designs Luggage Lifestyle
Waterfield Designs Luggage Lifestyle (Image credit: Waterfield Designs)

What you need to know

  • WaterField Designs has launched a new keychain & luggage AirTag accessory.
  • Both accessories feature custom-fitted pockets for the AirTag.

You don't need to drop a ton of money to get a premium leather AirTag accessory anymore.

WaterField Designs has launched a new Leather AirTag Keychain and AirTag Luggage Tag. Both AirTag accessories look like more traditional, classic accessories for your keychain or luggage, and the decorative perforations on the edges not only look great but allow sound to travel from the AirTag to your ears.

"What really sets these AirTag accessories apart is that the trackers are protected behind a layer of sumptuous leather from the scratches so many AirTag users have already complained about. And, they are hidden, so someone looking to steal a bag or suitcase won't notice that they contain an AirTag and will be less likely to remove them," said company owner, Gary Waterfield.

Designed with input from over 1200+ customers, the Leather AirTag Keychain and AirTag Luggage Tag easily attach with an included carabiner or stainless-steel cable to bags, belt hooks, luggage, or any item frequently misplaced. Available in a range of colors, the AirTag cases in matching colors serve as stylish accessories and in bright, contrasting colors help users easily find their keys or quickly identify their bag at the baggage carousel.

The AirTag Keychain is made of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and features a secure pouch that hides your AirTag.

Crafted from two pieces of full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, the AirTag Keychain matches elegance with functionality. The petal-shaped pouch keeps the AirTag (not included) hidden from view and securely holds it in place, and nine small holes in the shape of a diamond allow users to hear the AirTag when they activate the speakers. A matte black metal screw stud fastener keeps the AirTag pouch firmly closed but allows access for yearly battery changes.

Waterfield Designs Keychain Tags

Waterfield Designs Keychain Tags (Image credit: Waterfield Designs)

All of the features of the AirTag Keychain are below:

  • Vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather pouch discreetly hides AirTag and protects it from scratches.
  • Perforations in the leather allow sound to pass through.
  • Matte black metal screw stud closes pouch but allows access for battery replacement.
  • Choice of carabiner or 1.5mm stainless-steel cable, with a barrel closure, threads through a metal grommet to attach to bags, belt hooks, etc.
  • Heavy-duty matte black ring holds multiple keys.

The AirTag Luggage Tag is made from two layers of leather to stand up to travel and the AirTag is secured in a custom-fitted pocket.

The AirTag Luggage Tag addresses multiple concerns raised by frequent flier participants who expressed dissatisfaction with competitors' tags that wore out, broke off, and exposed their personal information. The WaterField AirTag Luggage Tag is made from two layers of premium full-grain leather bonded together to withstand the rough and tumble of airline luggage handlers. The Tag attaches with a strong 1.5 mm stainless steel wire that threads through a metal grommet. An included address card or a business card slides behind a clear window covered by a secure leather flap that keeps ID information private. The AirTag (not included) rests in a custom-fit pocket, and perforated leather in an attractive diamond pattern allows sound to travel from the AirTag's built-in speakers.

Waterfield Designs Luggage Tags

Waterfield Designs Luggage Tags (Image credit: Waterfield Designs)

Below are all of the features of the AirTag Luggage Tag:

  • Dual-layer, chrome-tanned, full-grain leather. Multiple color choices help differentiate user's bag from other luggage.
  • Clear window holds provided address card or a business card in place.
  • Leather flap covering closes with a matte black metal screw stud to keep personal information out of sight until access is needed.
  • Stainless steel cable with barrel-closure threads through metal grommets to attach to luggage.
  • Interior leather pocket secures AirTag out of sight and permits AirTag removal for battery changes.
  • Leather perforations allow AirTag sound to travel.

The Leather AirTag Keychain is available for $25 in Acorn, Black, Blue, or Red. The Leather AirTag Luggage Tag is available for $49 in a Black exterior/Black interior, Blue/Black, Crimson/Black, or Grizzly Brown/Black. WaterField Designs says that the AirTag Keychain will begin shipping on May 28, 2021, and the AirTag Luggage Tag will start shipping on June 9, 2021. You can preorder both accessories at WaterField Designs.

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