WaterField's Tech Pocket is the perfect addition to any gear enthusiast's arsenal

WaterField Design recently held a fun little survey where the gear enthusiast community was asked for advice on what the next bags and cases should look like. One of the results is the Tech Pocket, a wonderful little pouch that's meant to house your most often-used gadget accessories. It's small, thin, and can be tossed in a bag or carried on its own. It's a removable pocket!

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The Tech Pocket really scratches my itch to have the perfectly organized gear bag. I love pockets. I used to carry everything I owned in a Handbag of Holding (which has 15 pockets). In my opinion, there's no such thing as too many pockets.

Since the pouch is it's own little bag, it's like having a removable pocket in your larger backpack. It measures just 4.75 inches by 7.5 inches, so it's barely going to take up very much space at all.

The Tech Pocket has it's own pockets, too (excuse me while I squee with joy). There's a slim zipper pouch on the outside for things like cables or earbuds. Inside the magnetically closing main pouch, there are two little pockets for things like a wallet, mints, a small portable charger.

It's the perfect mini gadget companion. Bigger than your pants pocket, but smaller than a bag or purse.

The Tech Pocket is available for preorder right now and ships starting August 21. You can get it in black ballistic nylon or waxed canvas for $49.

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