Waze Carplay Split ScreenSource: The Verge

What you need to know

  • Waze is testing a new feature that will allow its navigation to run in CarPlay split-screen mode.

Waze is working on a new way to keep tabs on navigation instructions while still being able to see what music is playing and more. The CarPlay split screen mode was first introduced as part of IOS 13.4, but according to a new report Waze is only now getting around to testing the feature with users.

A tipster sent the above screenshot to The Verge and it appears to show Waze running in CarPlay split screen mode, although you'll need to be on the Waze beta program to test it yourself.

Normally maps would take over the full screen, forcing users to switch view to see any other information. That's no longer the case with split screen mode, allowing multiple apps to live on the screen at once.

However, Waze isn't saying when the feature will be made available to the great unwashed, suggesting it isn't going to be around the corner.

A spokesperson for Waze wouldn't confirm the beta testing, so we're not sure when the navigation company plans to officially announce the rollout. "We actually don't have anything to share right now. Will be sure to keep you posted if/when we do," the spokesperson said in an email.

Are you on the Waze beta and driving a car with CarPlay support? Be sure to update to the latest version of the app to take the new feature for a spin.

The rest of us will be sat over here, waiting.