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What you need to know

  • Western Digital has warned users of its My Book NAS that they should disconnect their devices from the internet immediately.
  • It is reporting that malicious software has compromised some devices.
  • The company has confirmed reports that some users have had their hard drives remotely wiped.

Western Digital has told users of its My Book NAS external hard drive to disconnect their devices from the internet following reports that malicious software has compromised some devices, leading to them being remotely wiped.

As reported by Bleeping Computer:

Western Digital My Book NAS owners worldwide found that their devices have been mysteriously factory reset and all of their files deleted. Today, WD My Book owners worldwide suddenly found that all of their files were mysteriously deleted, and they could no longer log into the device via a browser or an app.

When they attempted to log in via the Web dashboard, the device stated that they had an "Invalid password."

In a statement, Western Digital has confirmed that "some My Book Live devices are being compromised by malicious software", it has also confirmed reports this has led to a factory reset that erased all data on some customer devices. The statement continues:

The My Book Live device received its final firmware update in 2015. We understand that our customers' data is very important. At this time, we recommend you disconnect your My Book Live from the Internet to protect your data on the device. We are actively investigating and we will provide updates to this thread when they are available