When it comes to retro games, you can't go wrong with the original NES Classic Edition that Nintendo released a few years ago. It's great for the nostalgia factor, and it comes packed with a ton of games for the price (and you can hack it for even more)! What if you want to bring it over to a friend's house, or just keep it in a bag for safekeeping? We've found the best bags for your NES Classic Edition so it remains safe and protected!

Carbon Fiber Protection: Ninthseason NES Classic Mini Storage Case Bag

This stylish little storage case keeps your NES Classic Mini, cables, and two controllers safe and organized. The carbon fiber material is highly durable, waterproof, shockproof, and can stand up to almost anything you throw at it. The inside is lined with a soft microfiber material so it doesn't scratch the console.

$16 at Amazon

Lightweight and compact: Orzly Travel and Storage Bag for NES Classic Mini

This lightweight bag will comfortably fit the console, power cable, accessories, and two controllers. A carry handle and shoulder strap let you easily transport it around safely, and the zippable compartments mean nothing will fall out along the way.

$12 at Amazon

Simple and practical: LTGEM NES Classic Edition Case

This simple case houses your NES Classic Mini console, cables, and two controllers. A mesh pocket on one side also stores other accessories you may want to have with you, like earbuds. You can carry it easily thanks to the carrying handle at the top.

$14 at Amazon

Two for one: Nintendo NES Classic and SNES Classic Deluxe Travel Case

This officially licensed Nintendo travel case is compatible with both the NES Classic and SNES Classic. Since it's an official product, it will fit both mini consoles with no issues, as well as all the cables you need and up to two controllers. The case is made from tough and durable materials so your consoles will be kept safe and secure.

$20 at Amazon

Best bang for your buck: Orzly Essentials Accessory Pack

This accessories bundle is a great value for those who need it. It includes the Orzly Travel and Storage Bag we mentioned earlier and also throws in two controllers and corresponding cable extensions. The only thing that this bundle pack is missing is the console itself.

$22 at Amazon

Super minimal: Keten Case for NES Classic Mini

This case from Keten is also made from carbon fiber, so it's strong, tough, durable, waterproof, and shockproof. The outside doesn't scream carbon fiber though, so it appears more minimalistic than other options. The inside has enough room for your console, cables, and two controllers in the organized lining. A mesh pocket holds any additional accessories you need.

$15 at Amazon

Whether you're traveling with your NES Classic Edition or just storing it away for the time being, these bags will get the job done! Plus, they're all around $20 or less, so they definitely don't break the bank. Our personal favorite is the official Nintendo NES Classic and SNES Classic Deluxe Travel Case, just because it works with both mini retro consoles, so you don't need separate bags for each!

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