Best bags to store your NES Classic Edition 2022

Nes Classic Edition
Nes Classic Edition (Image credit: Nintendo)

You can't go wrong with the original NES Classic Edition that Nintendo or one of the NES Classic Edition alternatives when it comes to retro games. The classic edition is great for the nostalgia factor, and it comes packed with a ton of games for the price (and you can hack it for even more)! If you want to bring it over to a friend's house, or just keep it in a bag for safekeeping? We've found the best bags for your NES Classic Edition, so it remains safe and protected!

A classic way to keep your console safe

Whether you're traveling with your NES Classic Edition or just storing it away, for the time being, these bags will get the job done! Plus, they're all relatively cheap, so they don't break the bank. With any of these bags, you'll have space to keep a few extra accessories with a hardcover to give the NES additional protection.

Our personal favorite is the Khanka Hard Travel Case for Nintendo Entertainment System NES Classic Edition for the well-organized EVA foam pockets made just for NES Classic Edition. It's simple and lightweight yet still offers plenty of shock and scratch protection. Enjoy the comfort of taking your NES Classic Edition with you wherever you go without the worry of damage during travel.

If you want the official products, you can always go with the Nintendo Licensed Nintendo NES Classic and SNES Classic Deluxe Travel Case and have the added benefit of using it for either an NES or SNES system. No matter what case you pick, any one of them is sure to keep your memories of the days of difficult old school Nintendo games safe!

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