Which Apple Watch Sport band color should you get?

Molded out of high-performance, fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber, the Apple Watch Sport bands are meant for exactly what the name implies — active lifestyles. That means they're tough enough to survive runs in the sun, workouts in the gym, and hikes in the woods. Form-fitting and skin-friendly with a pin-and-tuck-closure, the Apple Watch Sport band is what ships with every case in the Apple Watch Sport collection. There are several bright, fun colors to choose from, however, and that can make the choice more difficult. If you're having trouble deciding, here's some help!

Two case colors, five band colors

What color Apple Watch Sport Band should you get?

The Apple Watch Sport collection pairs five different band colors with two different case colors. The silver aluminum case comes with your choice of white, blue, green, or pink bands. The space gray aluminum case, however, only comes with black.

You'll be able to get other bands later, but if you want to make sure you get your favorite right away, or you want a particular case color, just note that it will restrict your initial band colors to four for silver, one for space gray.

One box, two bands

Each Apple Watch Sport comes with two bands in the box. If you buy the sport bands separately, you also get two bands. The size of the two bands depends on the size of the case they're made for.

The 38mm Apple Watch Sport comes with:

  • Small to medium, which fits 130mm-180mm
  • Medium to large, which fits 150mm-200mm

The 42mm Apple Watch comes with:

  • Small to medium, which fits 140mm-185mm
  • Medium to large, which fits 160mm-210mm

Band weight

The small sport bands may weigh slightly less than the large sport bands, but the different colors also weigh different amounts.

  • White: 47g/51g
  • Blue: 44g/48g
  • Green: 43g/48g
  • Pink: 42g/46g
  • Black: 37g/40g

So, if you want the lightest band possible, you're looking at the black. If you want the heaviest, you're looking at the white.

Dirt and damage

Light colors show dirt and discoloration and dark colors show dust and scratches. It's just a fact of life. Looking back at the iPhone 5c and the cases which came with it — not coincidentally in colors very similar to the sport bands — it's evident Apple has put a lot of time and effort into making high-quality materials, but even high-quality materials can get dirty sometimes.

Until the Apple Watch Sport bands have been on the market for a while, it's impossible to know just how wear-and-tear resistant they'll truly turn out to be. Since the color seems to go all the way through, scratching the surface probably won't do much more than reveal additional surface. Likewise, Apple has long since figured out how to make colors stay colorful even after prologued exposure to sunlight and other elements.

That said, watch bands will be on your wrists, near your hands. Think about your lifestyle, what you wear now, and which colors have held up best under your daily activities. The same will likely hold true for the sport bands.

Band swapping

Apple will be selling additional Sport bands for $49 each in the same white, blue, green, pink, and black that come in the collections. That means if you have your heart set on more than one color, or if you buy a color and later change your mind, you're not going to have to pay a lot to switch things up.

Who should get the white sport band?

White is the presence of all colors in light, and the absence of all colors in print. White is worn for weddings in the west and passings in the east. In other words, white enjoys tremendous range. That's probably why it's so divisive. For some, it's nothing they want anything to do with, for others, it's the only thing they want.

The white sport band might be the heaviest, but since there's no silver in the sport collection, however, if you want something bright yet neutral, you'll want white.

Who should get the blue sport band?

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It's the canvas our world is set against, but very little in the world is set in blue. That's why sapphires and jays stand out. Although blue is often associated with boys, blankets, and super-suits, Apple chose a light, bright shade of blue for the sport band that can really suit anyone.

Blue is the second heaviest band, though not by much. If you want your Apple Watch sport band to be bold and auspicious, however, you want it to be blue.

Who should get the green sport band?

Green is the color of spring, of grass, and of leaves. The Apple Watch's green Sport band is light and bright and appears closer towards yellow-green than blue-green. It's a very natural, healthy, active, prosperous green.

If you want your Apple Watch sport band to be bright but fussy, colorful but natural, green is a great choice.

Who should get the pink sport band?

In the west, reds are typically associated with danger and prohibition, but in the east red is the color of luck and good fortune. In both it's attention-getting; the color of roses and race cars. That's probably why Apple went with a more coral shade of pink for the Sport band. Often — but not only — associated with women, 'pink' has its own name in English (unlike light blue, green, or yellow), which shows just how unique a place it has in the culture.

Pink is the second lightest sport band. If you want your Apple Watch sport band to stand out from across the room, maybe across the street, you'll want to go with the power of pink.

Who should get the black sport band?

Little black dress. Black tie. As a shade, black represents timeless elegance — the something that goes with everything. With Apple Watch Sport, the black Sport band comes only with the space gray case, so if that's the case you want, this is the band you're going to get. Sold separately, however, it'll look just as good with the silver case, if in contrast rather than complement.

Black is the lightest of the sport bands, so whether you don't want to be weighed down, or you simply love the blacked out look, you'll love the black sport band.

Still undecided?

At the end of the day, the only real answer is get the color you like best. Everything else is manufactured anxiety. Just close your eyes, picture your Apple Watch on your wrist, and picture the color. Then buy that. And if you later change your mind, you can always pick up an extra band in a different color.

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