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Which Apple Watch Sport band color should you get?

Molded out of high-performance, fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber, the Apple Watch Sport bands are meant for exactly what the name implies — active lifestyles. That means they're tough enough to survive runs in the sun, workouts in the gym, and hikes in the woods. Form-fitting and skin-friendly with a pin-and-tuck-closure, the Apple Watch Sport band is what ships with every case in the Apple Watch Sport collection. There are several bright, fun colors to choose from, however, and that can make the choice more difficult. If you're having trouble deciding, here's some help!

Two case colors, five band colors

What color Apple Watch Sport Band should you get?

The Apple Watch Sport collection pairs five different band colors with two different case colors. The silver aluminum case comes with your choice of white, blue, green, or pink bands. The space gray aluminum case, however, only comes with black.

You'll be able to get other bands later, but if you want to make sure you get your favorite right away, or you want a particular case color, just note that it will restrict your initial band colors to four for silver, one for space gray.

One box, two bands

Each Apple Watch Sport comes with two bands in the box. If you buy the sport bands separately, you also get two bands. The size of the two bands depends on the size of the case they're made for.

The 38mm Apple Watch Sport comes with:

  • Small to medium, which fits 130mm-180mm
  • Medium to large, which fits 150mm-200mm

The 42mm Apple Watch comes with:

  • Small to medium, which fits 140mm-185mm
  • Medium to large, which fits 160mm-210mm

Band weight

The small sport bands may weigh slightly less than the large sport bands, but the different colors also weigh different amounts.

  • White: 47g/51g
  • Blue: 44g/48g
  • Green: 43g/48g
  • Pink: 42g/46g
  • Black: 37g/40g

So, if you want the lightest band possible, you're looking at the black. If you want the heaviest, you're looking at the white.

Dirt and damage

Light colors show dirt and discoloration and dark colors show dust and scratches. It's just a fact of life. Looking back at the iPhone 5c and the cases which came with it — not coincidentally in colors very similar to the sport bands — it's evident Apple has put a lot of time and effort into making high-quality materials, but even high-quality materials can get dirty sometimes.

Until the Apple Watch Sport bands have been on the market for a while, it's impossible to know just how wear-and-tear resistant they'll truly turn out to be. Since the color seems to go all the way through, scratching the surface probably won't do much more than reveal additional surface. Likewise, Apple has long since figured out how to make colors stay colorful even after prologued exposure to sunlight and other elements.

That said, watch bands will be on your wrists, near your hands. Think about your lifestyle, what you wear now, and which colors have held up best under your daily activities. The same will likely hold true for the sport bands.

Band swapping

Apple will be selling additional Sport bands for $49 each in the same white, blue, green, pink, and black that come in the collections. That means if you have your heart set on more than one color, or if you buy a color and later change your mind, you're not going to have to pay a lot to switch things up.

Who should get the white sport band?

White is the presence of all colors in light, and the absence of all colors in print. White is worn for weddings in the west and passings in the east. In other words, white enjoys tremendous range. That's probably why it's so divisive. For some, it's nothing they want anything to do with, for others, it's the only thing they want.

The white sport band might be the heaviest, but since there's no silver in the sport collection, however, if you want something bright yet neutral, you'll want white.

Who should get the blue sport band?

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It's the canvas our world is set against, but very little in the world is set in blue. That's why sapphires and jays stand out. Although blue is often associated with boys, blankets, and super-suits, Apple chose a light, bright shade of blue for the sport band that can really suit anyone.

Blue is the second heaviest band, though not by much. If you want your Apple Watch sport band to be bold and auspicious, however, you want it to be blue.

Who should get the green sport band?

Green is the color of spring, of grass, and of leaves. The Apple Watch's green Sport band is light and bright and appears closer towards yellow-green than blue-green. It's a very natural, healthy, active, prosperous green.

If you want your Apple Watch sport band to be bright but fussy, colorful but natural, green is a great choice.

Who should get the pink sport band?

In the west, reds are typically associated with danger and prohibition, but in the east red is the color of luck and good fortune. In both it's attention-getting; the color of roses and race cars. That's probably why Apple went with a more coral shade of pink for the Sport band. Often — but not only — associated with women, 'pink' has its own name in English (unlike light blue, green, or yellow), which shows just how unique a place it has in the culture.

Pink is the second lightest sport band. If you want your Apple Watch sport band to stand out from across the room, maybe across the street, you'll want to go with the power of pink.

Who should get the black sport band?

Little black dress. Black tie. As a shade, black represents timeless elegance — the something that goes with everything. With Apple Watch Sport, the black Sport band comes only with the space gray case, so if that's the case you want, this is the band you're going to get. Sold separately, however, it'll look just as good with the silver case, if in contrast rather than complement.

Black is the lightest of the sport bands, so whether you don't want to be weighed down, or you simply love the blacked out look, you'll love the black sport band.

Still undecided?

At the end of the day, the only real answer is get the color you like best. Everything else is manufactured anxiety. Just close your eyes, picture your Apple Watch on your wrist, and picture the color. Then buy that. And if you later change your mind, you can always pick up an extra band in a different color.

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I wish you could buy the Sport watch in silver and get a black band. That'd be my choice. I did a mock up of it in photoshop and it looks great. Too bad it'll cost me an extra 49 bucks if I want that combo. Seems like my only other option is 200 more for the steel watch. Wah wah wahhhh.
  • Since the sport version comes with two bands, it shouldn't be hard to swap the size you don't need for the color/size you want. There's already at least one website set up for this purpose - I looked at that one and it looked like a good execution. I'm right in the overlap area of the two sizes - not sure yet which I'll want to keep, so I haven't committed to a swap yet, but they set you up with someone who has what you want and put the two of you in communication via email
  • Check out as well.
  • I'm in the same camp and will order the one with the white band and then also order the black band separately since the aluminum and black combo reminds me of the timex ironman I used to rock as a teenager. I'm curious how the white band will age so it's not a total loss. I used to test out different faces and bands. My girlfriend is interested in the pink band but can't tell from the pictures on various websites how bright it's going to be. I'm assuming it's like a matte version of the 5c pink but would love to know if it's more on the yellow or red side of pink.
  • Exactly the choice I was looking for too! Why limit the options? Sent from the iMore App
  • not only will the silver watch/black band combo cost extra, the separate straps won't even be available at launch... and i don't really like the look of *any* of the colours that come with the silver. i wonder how well permanent marker would work on the white band ;)
  • Sport Space Grey Black Band is what I would get. Sent from the iMore App
  • Men will get the black band, PERIOD.
  • Thanks for policing that for us.
  • Well, it's a pretty vast generalisation but it is true that there is a prevalent type of man, a kind of tech dweeb that frequents sites like this, that just buys "black everything." Another genaralisation about men is that they will buy only *one* (watch, pair of shoes, tie, etc.) and just wear it everywhere, all the time. Anyone can tell from reading iMore that an absolutely huge number of commenters (who I presume are mostly men), are *only* interested in one of the two "black on black" watch combinations. And these folks also rarely mention getting any *other* bands, thus the "fashion" aspect of wearing the watch goes right over their head. I think a totally fair, non-predudiced way to say this is that "Men who don't care about fashion" or at least who don't understand it, will be getting the black on black watches. There are lots of guys who like to look good, and take care of their appearance, clothes etc. who will buy non-black watches and multiple bands to match outfits etc., just like "girls" :roll eyes: and this is a good thing.
  • "I think a totally fair, non-predudiced way to say this is that "Men who don't care about fashion" or at least who don't understand it, will be getting the black on black watches." There are no rules in fashion, music or any other art. There is nothing that needs to be understood. If art had rules that were required to be followed, there would never be a unique idea.
  • Black and blue.
  • I want a green sport band to match the silicone case on my iPhone 6 Plus.
  • A bit torn...I think I want the silver face since it will probably show less scratches but like the black band...would go for the black face but my iphone 5 didn't do so well.
  • I would love to buy the lowest cost watch but from what I have seen the largest band only goes to 210mm I need like 265mm. I am a big guy 6'6" and like 385#. What to do...
  • You are going to have to wait for a third party strap it seems. Just like those who are overly small bodied. I think it very, VERY likely that someone will make a slug for the Apple Watch that gives it the same standard pin arrangement of other watches and therefore give you the ability to put any strap from any previous watch on the Apple Watch.
  • There are already at least three companies running ads for Apple Watch bands. From what they say, they will perfectly match the brushed metal of the Sport Watch and the texture & tone of the SS Apple Watch—at a fraction of the cost. Of course, time will tell how accurate those claims are.
  • If Apple wasn't such a control freak, they would allow you to customize any color, band combination you wanted. Especially considering the overly inflated price they are asking for the thing.
  • Good point. We all know Apple hates making money. No way they want to sell extra bands.
  • Just because you don't want to pay it doesn't make them inflated.
  • I am getting space grey casing 42 mm  watch with black band!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm not of the ilk that has been harassing Rene lately over his articles, but this is perhaps the thinnest excuse for an article I've seen in a long time. Logically, you should follow this with an article about whether the blue, black, or grey "modern buckle" band is best, and yet another about the leather loop.
  • Yeah, we're going to do one for every edition. We did the same article for iPhone 5c colors and it was really well received.
  • How much does Apple pay for these kinds of ads?
  • Nothing, troll. This is an apple centric site. Are you lost?
  • Yea but can you blame them? The article has 36 comments and Apple Watch articles get lots of hits I'm sure. They're just giving the people what they want! If I were a businessperson in charge of this product, I'd say full steam ahead with the Apple Watch articles!
  • Nothing sillier than those "this was a waste of my time" comments. It's like going to a restaurant and saying "the food is terrible, and the portions are too small."
  • If these bands are so durable why does the watch come with two of them? Sent from the iMore App
  • Each Watch Sport comes with two different sized bands.
  • Two slightly different sizes.
  • Oh yeah...
    Because you're dumb.
  • You don't think $50 is a lot for a watch band? Unless I'm missing something, it should be closer to half that.
  • If you think that's a lot, the plain, non fancy leather band is $250. Bend over iFans, here comes the over priced, over hyped Apple Watch and accessories.
  • I do think it's a lot, that's my point. Even for Apple that's a lot for a plain band. Rene doesn't seem to think so though...
  • IMO the "sport" (rubber) bands are a bit steep, but a fair price is not far off at $35-$40. The leather straps however, are ridiculous at $250 and far away from any price that could be referred to as "fair." The steel buckle is nothing fancy metallurgical speaking, the leather is of good quality, but it's just leather. Leather is one of the most widely available materials on earth. It is both ubiquitous and cheap. I'm only getting one because I have no real choice right now, but the leather strap should be less than a hundred, not pushing three hundred.
  • Apple works like that giving you a cheap choice and than with all these bands , cases and cables they make huge money
  • It's like cases. No case costs what's charged for them. Cables either.
  • I know the "why" I just think it's wrong to do it. Most cases are injection formed plastic for instance and cost about $0.25-$0.50 to make, but sell for 100 times that price. I would argue that a case is 100% not necessary however, but a strap on a watch is.
  • Quality leather costs more than cheap Chinese leather. Durrr
  • It's not $50 for *a* watch band. Look at the "What's in the box?" section on the bands page (linked below) of The $50 gets you a box of two sport bands, one in S/M, one in M/L. So to answer your question- yes, $50 is steep for *one* watch band. But $25 for one isn't so bad. Granted, I'd love to see them sell them individually rather than in pairs, but they're not. So if I get to the point where I'm purchasing a spare band (I don't intend to - my plan is to trade my spare that comes with the watch for the one other color I would wear), then I'll either sell the size I don't need for $20-$25 and call it a day, or trade the extra for another color I might wear... Point is, it's actually $25/band, which isn't so bad.
  • Don't understand how they can charge so much money for a stupid rubber band which coast them 12 cents to make? Even the watch is the biggest joke selling it for 349$ and coast 40$ to make! Not even waterproof!? I understand when I bought my breitling watch for 1000$ because how it's made with mechanical components inside but a apple watch!? C'mon just way to go apple
  • What about Research and Development costs ? It doesn't cost 40$ to make, it has cost Apple millions and millions to develop the Apple Watch. What do you think the Breitling is really costing ? No research and development there. They use the same ETA movements for ages now.
  • No kidding. Change the case and band every five years. Otherwise, making money on great-granddad's design. Totally worth four figures!!
  • R&D every company gets it back over time! Not in the first year! It's ok how much they charge customers for a watch don't ne to buy it! It's a good Time apple should see people won't buy everything. My father gave me once a watch when I was young and I still have it and guess what I gonna do when my son is older!?
  • It's a first gen Apple product. The first iPod was $399, about $530 in 2015 dollars and all it did was play music! A flagship iPad is $499, an in subsidized iPhone is $649. $349 for a brand new product line is about right. The price will coast down over the next 1-2 years, guaranteed.
  • I think it's also market-influenced. One trick pony GPS watches go for $500+. That subsidized phone price has skewed everyone's thinking.
  • Hmmmm...
    I dunno about that. ONLY the iPod supports your theory. iPhone came out in the $600 range & remains there.... also, your example of the flagship iPad is $499. See?? EXACTLY what iPad 1 was.
    I think they've got pricing down now. Yes, it will get much better over the next few gens... but it will NOT also go below $350 for the flagship.
  • In 2007, the iPhone was $600 WITH contract. Now it's $199 also WITH contract. It has gone down by $400. The flagship iPad remains $499 yes, but older gen models - similar to the iPhone - remain available for -$100 each year. You can get an iPad for $249 now. They're two different price models, but the point is that price to play has gone down significantly for these products. The first MacBook Air was $1,700. Heck, the 5K iMac just dropped by $500. The price will go down, one way or the other.
  • Please link to facts of what it costs Apple to make the watch. Also add in R&D, advertising and overhead. Also, you're on an apple site complaining about Apple. You sound confused. Are you well?
  • If only you'd been there when iPod Socks were released. I will always feel as if I got the wrong color.
  • None Sent from the iMore App
  • Thanks for sharing that.
  • Rene, any thoughts about the stainless steel black version, looking at the Apple site it looks like the black version can only be purchased with the black links band, that band adds $500 to the price, I would love to purchase the black stainless with the black leather strap.
  • No, Apple knows best. They can't have anyone walking around with a non Apple approved watch/band combination. Good sheep do what they a told.
  • They wouldn't make the bands 100% interchangeable (within sizes) if they didn't want us to customize. I think it's a combination of "curation" (wanting good combos to make a good impression), logistics (how to combine and ship a million possible combinations), and cost (guiding customers upward on the price scale toward the more desirable looks).
  • Surfer Dude: Really need to step it up if you want Troll of the Week. Making the same point only three times just won't cut it.
  • @MrSurfboard: I guess it never occurred to you that there might be a valid reason for doing things this way? Just off the top of my head I can think of one obvious one. If they just let everyone choose willy-nilly, there would be a huge run on black bands and black watches. So someone ordering a regular steel watch with the black band, might have to wait for months because the black bands are so popular they are backordered. The combinations give Apple control over their stock. It's also fairly clear that aftermarket forces will right all these "wrongs" in very short order.
  • Sheep! How original. Not. You are just another one...a sheep if you will. Troll.
  • Okay, what bet did Rene lose? This has to be a troll. Seriously..."If you want your Apple Watch sport band to be bright but fussy..." Who, exactly, thinks..."If I could only arrange my jewelry so I look...FUSSY! THAT'S IT! I wish to look FUSSY!" ??? "Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It's the canvas our world is set against, but very little in the world is set in blue. " except for multiple species of bird, fish, insect...what does this even mean? "If you want the blacked out look, you'll want the blacked out sport band." If you want to look like a complete absence of light??? Is there a contest for over the top going on? Because if so, Rene *nailed* it.
  • None!!!!! I have no interest in the apple watch I find it useless!!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • My pebble is a big help in my life and only bought it because of its price
  • I've got news for everyone who does not want to buy an Apple Watch: this is America, and apparently, there are no laws mandating that anyone buys one. Homeland security will not show up your house and force you, at gunpoint, to try on different sizes of the leather loop band. Speaking of America… It boggles my mind that people who have no intention of buying this watch are saying that it's too expensive. Economics 101 refresher, price is a contract between the buyer and seller, and in this country, it rarely makes sense You can take a $75 huffy bicycle, slap a Gucci label on it, hook up some ostrich skin side bags, and sell it for $13,000. We live in a glut of $5000 handbags. There's even this place called McDonald's that sells processed kangaroo meat for $2-3, and billions of people line up to buy that garbage, which I would only eat if the container was made out of origami hundred dollar bills.
    I just don't get the heated discussion. I understand a small percentage of people who will stand in line to be the first one to own one. There will always be early adopters of everything. Google "kickstarter potato salad" if you're in doubt. What I don't get is the need to complain about this. File it under "man shouts at cloud."
    I was into road bike racing for about five minutes, and we had this discussion about 100 times. Oakley would come out with new sunglasses, people would complain about it expensive they are at $250, and someone would link to $7000 Chanel sunglasses, which had 1% of the R&D. Bottom line is, if you didn't buy it, it's too expensive, and if you did buy it, it's not. For you. And that's all that really matters. Be happy for your purchases, and your life choices, and allow others to feel the same.
  • I stopped reading at the (offensive) "this is America" comment. This is actually NOT "America," it's the Internet. A world-wide web sort of speak, where more than half the people yo are talking to are actually not from "America" at all. Just so you are aware ... "America" is in quotes, because even "Americans" are only that by virtue of living in North America. "America" actually encompasses the USA, Canada, Mexico, and all the many countries of *South* America, and it's insulting to literally millions of people to call yourself an "American" when in fact you really mean "someone from the USA." Now, you won't find any Canadians who would call themselves "American" as it carries bad connotations, but go to any coffee shop in South America and ask a local what he/she thinks of people from the US using the term "Americans" and you will get an earful.
  • I agree. All the  haters and complainers please go buy the Samsung junk so you can bitch and moan about that when it starts freezing up. Leave us  sheep alone. If we want to spend our money on quality products so be it. So Bounce !!!!!
  • @attiregaget24680: That's a bit of a logic fail.
    You can't actually "find something useless," until you actually try it. And no one has tried it yet.
  • You've used one? Nope. If no interest why see the link, click it, read the article, comment? Lotta interest involved.
  • Sorry I just found out the two bands that come with the watch are: 1-large and 1-small. Sent from the iMore App
  • Please, share with us the complete list of stuff you don't like. Mondays, spinach, flossing, traffic, too much special sauce ...
  • Asian restaurants that serve what amounts to minute rice. SO ANNOYING!
  • The trolls are on this site are really too much.
  • In fact that the watch should arrive in June and is already shipped means that apple thought they sell more or? Is there a number around how many watches were sold?
  • See more that the watch getting better and better. I also think that in 4 years the watch will replace the phone and we just carry a device as a screen for the watch . However the 3rd generation is a buy
  • Has anyone of you ever worn this band in the color of the sky while running or in hot weather? It's a drippy sweaty affair. Check out my blogpost on "A Watch Watch"