The Blue Yeti mic comes in 11 different colors: platinum, silver, aztec copper, black, lunar grey, midnight blue, satin red, slate, space grey, teal, and white out, making it one of the most versatile, colorful microphones on the market today.

Not only is the Blue Yeti a terrific accessory to have while you're recording your podcast, an interview with friends, or your favorite tune on the radio, but it's also super eye-catching and beautiful.

Here are all the different colors that are available for the Blue Yeti!

Platinum Pefection: Platinum Blue Yeti Microphone

Platinum perfection is in your path with this beautiful Blue Yeti microphone color that's bound to turn heads and make people go 'hey, what a cool colored mic!'

$129 at Amazon

Stylish Silver: Silver Blue Yeti Microphone

Love the look of a classic silver microphone? Then this stunning silver color is perfect for you and all of your recording needs!

$129 at Amazon

Cool n' Copper: Aztec Copper Blue Yeti Microphone

If you want a mic that stands out a bit more, then this Aztec Copper combo is the way to go: check out that sleek black and gold color combination.

$129 at Amazon

Back to Black: Blackout Blue Yeti Microphone

Keep it stylish, keep it sleek, and keep it stunningly chic with this blackout Blue Yeti mic. This all-black accessory isn't only functional, but it's totally Instagram-worthy, too.

$129 at Amazon

Houston, we have Lunar Gray: Lunar Gray Blue Yeti Microphone

This beautiful lunar gray Blue Yeti mic combines a classic black and gray palette for a modern yet timeless finish, so you'll always feel fresh while recording.

$129 at Amazon

Mighty Midnight Blue: Midnight Blue Blue Yeti Microphone

We adore the look of this navy blue + black color combination for your Blue Yeti microphone.

$129 at Amazon

Make a bold, red statement: Satin Red Blue Yeti Microphone

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but this striking deep red and black color combo could be a close second.

$129 at Amazon

Dark gray all the way: Slate Blue Yeti Microphone

Another classic color combo: the black and dark gray make for a stunningly sleek accessory.

$129 at Amazon

To infinity: and beyond!: Space Gray Blue Yeti Microphone

If you're a big fan of a clean and simple colored microphone, then the Space Gray Blue Yeti Microphone might be worth considering.

$129 at Amazon

Time for tea(l): Teal Blue Yeti Microphone

Maybe you're someone who's a big fan of teal, or maybe you're someone who wants a mic that stands out: either way, this color is a fantastic option to consider.

$129 at Amazon

Let there be WHITE: Whiteout Blue Yeti Microphone

If you like it white, clean, and simple, then the whiteout color is the way to go for your Blue Yeti mic.

$129 at Amazon

Whether you're someone who likes a classic color like black, space grey, or white, or someone who prefers a pop of vibrancy with a satin red or teal, there are 11 awesome options to consider while picking up your Blue Yeti microphone.

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