Looking to pick up a brand new iPod touch 7? Well before you do, you need to know about the six awesome colors that it comes in. Not only is this new iPod incredibly eye-catching, but it also has up to 256GB storage, meaning you can rock out to all your favorite tunes and more in the most colorful of ways.

Pop of Pink: Pink iPod touch 7

The iPod Touch 7 comes in a beautifully bright pink color that's both eye-catching and perfect for spring.

From $`99 at Apple

Classic Silver: Silver iPod touch 7

The silver iPod touch 7 is both sleek and classic looking. It would look fantastic with a colorful, protective case.

From $199 at Apple

Space Gray Gorgeous: Space Gray iPod touch 7

The Space Gray iPod touch 7 is incredibly minimalist and also sharp looking. Pair it with a clear case for a simple look.

From $199 at Apple

All that Glitters: Gold iPod touch 7

The Gold iPod touch 7 will give you that little pop of gold glamor without looking over the top and gaudy.

From $199 at Apple

I'm Blue (da-ba-dee-da-ba-dye): Blue iPod touch 7

The blue iPod touch 7 is a super fun and pretty shade that'll deliver the tunes in the brightest of ways.

From $199 at Apple

RED for a Good Cause: (PRODUCT)RED iPod touch 7

The (PRODUCT)RED iPod touch 7 is a musical device that'll give you peace of mind, because your money goes towards the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

From $199 at Apple

Find the perfect color for your personalist

The iPod touch 7 comes in six different colors, so which one will you be picking out? We personally love the charity focus behind the (PRODUCT)Red iPod touch 7, but everyone is different.

If you need to learn more about the iPod touch 7, don't worry: we have you covered. Personally, we can't wait to rock out on a bright pink iPod touch 7 — what about you?

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