What do you like most about the Apple brand?

At this point it's no secret to many folks that Apple is one the most valuable brands in the world. Back in September, they took over the number one spot on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report displacing Coca-Cola for the first time in 13 years and with each new release of a product, Apple's brand loyalty shows by way of the line ups outside of Apple stores across the world.

But what do you like most about the Apple brand? What causes you to get in those line ups and often wait hours to be among one of the first consumers out there to get your hands on their latest product? Is it the quality of the end product? Is it the top notch customer service? Ease of use and dependability? 

For me it's the ease of use, the dependability, and the customer service.pr1nce, iMore Forums Member

A similar question was asked in the iMore Forums recently and I found some of the answers to be rather interesting. But to go along with that question, another one was also asked and that was how can Apple improve over the course of you using their products? That, for me, was the trickier part of the question because I was left wondering how something that's already at the top could further improve. 

Could improve prices of iPad and Macbook.sting7k, iMore Forums Member

The obvious answer is pricing, as Apple products are still relatively high for some folks out there but there certainly has to be more than just that that Apple can improve upon. So, I leave it with you all to let us know either in the forums or in the comments. 

What do you like most about the Apple brand, and how can they improve over the course of you using their products?

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