2019 iPad Pro dummy unit

Way back in August we heard that a new iPad Pro was in the works. One that looked a little like the iPhone 11 Pro in the camera department – although we didn't know that was what it would be called at the time. Since then we've been wondering that that means not just for how the device will look, but how we'll use it, too.

We didn't have to wonder too long. Parts started to appear online and Apple Insider was even able to get hold of a dummy unit. Those kinds of things don't normally happen if there's more smoke than fire.

So now that we have our first look at what we think is going to be 2019's iPad Pro refresh, what do we think?

Personally, I think it looks great. It's the 2018 iPad form factor that I already love and I'd happily take an iPhone that looks like this without hessitation. But there's a blemish that's difficult to ignore, That. Camera. Bump.

It looks like it's the same camera bump – and presumably the same cameras – that we've now becomed accustomed to in iPhone 11 Pro. At first I thought it looked ugly there, too. But now I've spent time with the phone and used it daily, I don't even notice it anymore. It's the same as the notch that caused such a fuss in 2017. Nobody even notices it in 2019.

My main question isn't whether the camera bump looks good. It's more about why it's there in the first place. We've all stood behind someone taking a photo with an iPad and rolled our eyes. But was that because the camera in previous iPas was bad? Possibly. Holding a 10-inch slab of glass to take a photo doesn't sound like my idea of fun, either.

But what if those cameras are good. What if they're iPhone 11 Pro levels of good, like we're hearing. And what if you could record something in 4K and then edit it on a 12.9-inch screen right there and then, multi-touch and all? That might change things somewhat. It might, dare I say it, make iPad photography a thing.

It just might.

But what about you? What are your thoughts about the new iPad Pro – if indeed that's what we're looking at here – and that camera bump? I want to hear in the comments and in our poll. Light them up!