What size ear tips does the PowerBeats Pro include?

PowerBeats Pro ear tips in various sizes next to calipers
PowerBeats Pro ear tips in various sizes next to calipers (Image credit: Lory Gil / iMore)

What size ear tips does the PowerBeats Pro include?

Best answer: Powerbeats Pro come with four different sized ear tips so you can customize your fit. They range in size from 7mm to 12mm. There are two tip pairs that are considered small but have different designs, and so fit differently in your ear. If you lose your ear tips, you can always replace them.Delightful sound: Powerbeats Pro ($250 at Apple)Replacement tips: JNSA Replacement Tips ($7 Amazon)

Which size is right for you?

The four sizes of ear tips that come with Powerbeats Pro make it much easier for you to find your perfect fit. Not all ear conchal bowls are the same, am I right? Even with the smallest tips, it's possible to experience some pressure on your ear cartilage, which is why you probably want to know more details about their sizes than just "small, medium, and large."

There are two ear tips that are considered size small, but one is bowl-shaped, and the other is double flange and is more of a cone shape. Though its measurement is larger, the double flange ear tip has the smallest fit of the group. All of the ear tips measure about a half-centimeter or 5mm at the very tip and then sort of bowl outward. They all measure 1cm or 10mm tall.

I measured each tip myself with a sewing ruler, so my measurements are not an exact, factory specification, but these measurements should give you a fairly close proximation of the ear tip sizes so you can make a more informed decision about your purchase.

  • Double flange: 7.5mm at its widest point
  • Small bowl: 7mm at its widest point
  • Medium 10mm at its widest point
  • Large: 14mm at its widest point

Remember that, thought the double flange ear tip has a wider point, it is actually the smallest one, fit wise. That's because the shape of the cup is more cone-like and less bowl-like. It's softer.

If you lose your ear tips, don't fret. You can find replacements for a remarkably low price that are nearly identical to the original.

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