What software should you use with your Blue Yeti?

What software should you use with your Blue Yeti?

Best answer: If you are just diving into the world of audio production and you want something that provides flexibility with room to learn and grow, then FL Studio just might be perfect for you. If you don't want to spend any money, however, Audacity is a great free option.Amazon: FL Studio 20 ($200)Audacity: Audacity (Free)

Features and flexibility at a reasonable price

There are so many options when it comes to recording software and some of them come with outrageously high price tags. FL studio is perfect for someone looking for an entry to mid-range recording suite at a decent price. Whether you want to record and mix a podcast or multi-track a chart smashing pop hit, FL Studio can get you there without breaking the bank. It can do pretty much anything one might need to do when it comes to starting in audio recording. It can handle VST and various other plug-ins no problem and comes out of the box with a whole host of effects that can be applied to your audio.

If you want a program that can handle midi instrumentation as well as live instruments or voice, FL Studio is up to the task. It works on both Windows and MacOS systems, plays well with other audio programs, and comes with a lifetime of free updates.

If you spent all your extra cash on your new Blue Yeti

It's entirely possible that you are not ready to invest any amount of money into recording software and that's OK too. If you want something that's simple and has the lowest cost imaginable, there is another option. When it comes to free audio software, Audacity has long been the reigning champ. It can fulfill your most basic recording needs at a price that doesn't get any lower.

Unfortunately, it doesn't offer a whole lot of bells and whistles with that free price tag. It's a relatively stripped-down recording program. It's not the best at handling midi files and doesn't really play too well with other audio programs. It's also incapable of simultaneous multitracking and can do nothing in the way of sequencing and looping. All that being said, if all you need to do is record a single track of audio at a time through your Blue Yeti, Audacity will get you where you need to go.

Jaz Brown