What is the warranty on BeatsX headphones?

What is the warranty on BeatsX headphones?

Best answer: All Beats headphones including BeatsX are under Apple's one year limited warranty. If your country has strong consumer purchasing laws, you may be eligible for a longer warranty.W1 Magic: BeatsX ($120 at Apple)Truly Wireless: SoundPEATS True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ($50 at Amazon)

Warranties and getting your BeatsX serviced

BeatsX and other Beats headphones have a one-year limited warranty through Apple. This means that you'll be able to visit your local Apple Store and get warranty service in person, in addition to doing a mail-in warranty through Apple. If you've ever had to have your iPhone or Mac serviced, you know the drill.

Warranty service through Apple will take approximately 3-10 business days if you mail it in or if the device requires a repair instead of a replacement at your local Apple Store.

Manufacturer defects under the one year warranty will be covered for free. This includes significant battery degradation within the first year. However, if your battery has seen major battery degradation and also suffers from accidental damage, you'll need to pay an additional fee.

If I'm out of warranty, how much does it cost?

If you're out of warranty or if your BeatsX have suffered accidental damage, you'll more than likely have to pay for the repair. Accidental damage of any kind will cost $79 for BeatsX and if you're doing a mail-in repair it will cost you $7 for shipping. For battery repairs or replacements, you'll need to pay $59 with the same $7 for shipping if you're out of warranty.

If you live in a country that has strong consumer laws that go beyond the initial one year warranty, extended warranty apply on your BeatsX.

What about the accessories in the box?

Accessories that come in the box are also under the same warranty as your BeatsX as well. This includes the Lightning to USB charging cable, and ear-tips.

So, if you're looking to pick up a pair of BeatsX, know that you'll be covered under the standard one year warranty with Apple, which is standard across all Apple or Beats products. Unlike Apple products, you are unable to purchase extended warranty from Beats or Apple.

Other options

If you're out of warranty and would rather not pay the warranty fee to get your BeatsX replaced, you may have an option or two. Your first option may be to look for other, cheaper Bluetooth headphones.

We suggest the SoundPEATS Q32 earbuds. These are a pair of truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds that offer a ton of convenience and portability at a relatively low cost. The included charging case allows these to have up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge from the case. And unlike BeatsX, there's no cord connecting the earbuds, allowing for a more freeing experience.

Another, slightly unorthodox option would be to simply buy another pair of BeatsX. It's not uncommon for users to replace their aging Bluetooth headphones with the same pair, especially if you're happy with them. In a device such as BeatsX that have a ridiculous small battery, degradation is expected sooner than in a device such as your smartphone or tablet.

Peter Cao