What we didn't get at Apple's Special Event

While we were blessed with the new MacBook Air, iPad Pros, and even the Apple Pencil 2, there were a couple of pieces of tech that people were excited for that didn't make the October 30th cut.

Here's absolutely everything we didn't get to see at Apple's Special Event!

iPad Mini

While people were super excited to hear all about the new features that come with the new MacBook Pros, there were those who were looking to new and improved versions of the iPad Mini. It looks like users are going to have to wait a little bit longer if they want a smaller version of the iPad.


Apple originally announced its AirPower charging mat back in September of 2017, but it turns out it won't be available for purchase until next year. Until then, have fun charging your iPhone with a wire like the cavemen we are.

Apple's Magazine Subscription Service

As part of the News App, Apple has planned on launching its own magazine subscription service. Earlier this year, Apple bought texture, an app that offers users access to hundreds of different types of magazines, which made people speculate that their subscription services might be rolling out sooner than later. Alas, it looks like we have to wait a bit longer.

AirPods 2

When the AirPods first launched, people were ecstatic and eager to get their hands on the little wireless pieces of tech-y goodness: so when the possibility of AirPods 2 arrived, there were those that were ecstatic! Unfortunately it looks like we have to wait a little longer for the 2.0 version to grace our ears.

What did you miss?

Is there a particular feature or product that you were excited for that wasn't announced during the iPad Pro 2018 Event? Let us know what you were looking forward to in the comments down below!

Cella Lao Rousseau

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