What you may have missed at Apple's March Event

On Monday, Apple announced new services, including Apple News+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+. Here are some details you might have missed from the event.

Staggered releases

Despite introducing four all-new services, only Apple News+ is available beginning today, March 25. The rest aren't launching until later this year, according to this schedule:

  • Apple News+: Available now in the United States and Canada; launching in the United Kingdom and Australia later this year
  • Apple Arcade: The gaming subscription service will begin this fall in more than 150 countries across iOS, macOS, and tvOS
  • Apple TV: The all-new Apple TV app is coming to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV customers in over 100 countries with a free software update this May, and to Mac this fall. The Apple TV+ subscription service doesn't launch until this fall.
  • Apple Card: Launches this summer to qualified users in the United States only.

So many magazines

The Apple News+ service includes more than 300 magazines and newspapers. These include the familiar (Macworld, TIME) and the less well known (N-Photo, FourFourTwo). Apple's giving everyone a month of the service for free.

Good start for Apple Arcade developers

Although it's not launching until this fall, Apple Arcade already has a lot of game companies onboard big and small, including Disney, SEGA, and many more.

Oprah's book club has a new digital home

Oprah Winfrey announced at the end of today's event that she'd introduce at least two documentaries on Apple TV+ this fall. You might have missed that she also plans on bringing her iconic book club to the new video service.

On stage, she explained that Apple TV+ would be used for "building the biggest, most vibrant, most stimulating book club on the planet... I want to literally convene a meeting of the minds connecting us through books."

Apple Pay gets transit support

Right before Apple introduced its new credit card, we learned that Apple Pay will begin supporting transit pay in Portland OR in the coming weeks with support rolling out to Chicago, IL, and New York City, NY later this year.

Not everyone said yes

There were two big names noticeably absent from today's Apple News+ announcement. The New York Times and The Washington Post are not a part of it.

What about my Texture subscription?

If you currently own a Texture magazine subscription and pay through iTunes, it appears that your subscription details automatically carry over to Apple News+. However, you'll still have to cancel the Texture subscription separately.

What was your favorite part about the event?

Is there something that stuck out to you at Apple's Special Event? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments down below

Bryan M Wolfe
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  • Hoping Apple Card comes to Canada too!
  • The new additions to their services are great, except for the fact that most of the new services are not available outside the US leaving their hundreds of millions of fans outside the US having to rely on other third-party services to provide news, magazines and TV streaming services. I am really not sure why Apple holds a global event to introduce services not available to most of their users.
  • Patience. Like mentioned here, these industries are so backward thinking it will take time to make all those deals they need to make. I can't remember any similar service launching worldwide, why expect Apple to be able to do it?
    Apple TV+ will be available everywhere, and so will the Arcade thing, as they don't depend on anybody else but Apple, so that is 2 out of 4 services annouinced. How is that most? Maybe most of what you care about...
  • I found this event extremely underwhelming. I think Apple is Day late and a dollar short. Then the 45 minutes of grandstanding celebrities was completely useless. I would rather they have done the hardware, they could have done all this stuff at WWDC and then the Fall event.
  • Agreed, the only thing ready before WWDC is News+.
  • Very disappointing that nothing is ready right now except News+. And yes, I felt the celebrity selection was way too long.
  • None of these things were available 2 days ago. They announce they will now become available in the next few months, how is that bad? It can't be Christmas every day, sometimes you have to wait...
  • WWDC is a developer’s conference, it’s literally in the name, so that is where new software will be announced. This was a media announcement, primarily for the press. And the grandstanding was entirely intentional. This was the first Apple event that my wife texted me with excitement instead of the other way around. Why? Because Reese Witherspoon put up a post of her and Jennifer Aniston on stage announcing stuff on Instagram. This event wasn’t for us tech nerds, it was for the general public, media, and entertainment industry.
  • Apple's main target audience has significantly shifted. That being said, WWDC still exists, and is still for us tech nerds. I'm glad your wife enjoyed the event :)
  • WWDC is for developers. This event was specifically NOT for developers... Have you ever seen actors at WWDC? (beside maybe Stephen Fry). This was advertised as a service event and that is what we got.
    I agree it was a bit dull but then nobody said we had to watch it...
  • I think people get over-excited for every Apple event. I wasn't expecting too much from this event, and on that note I didn't even watch it based on that. I'm not interested in News+, TV+ or Apple Arcade. Apple Card seems interesting but it's not available here in the UK 🇬🇧. I'll definitely be watching WWDC
  • I think people get over-excited for anything Apple, period. The fact that people get so emotionally involved in everything Apple related, even negatively, tells you that company really has a knack for hooking its customers in. It's not a religious thing, completely emotional. Some objects, usually the really well designed ones, and some art too, will do that. Though I have to agree that Tim Cook is not contributing much in that regard; when he announces something there is rarely a build up; sometimes I think he is trying too hard to distance himself from S.Jobs.