What's the difference between the Polaroid OneStep+ and other Polaroid Originals cameras?

Best answer: The Polaroid OneStep+ functions much like the company's other instant cameras but has the added bonuses of Bluetooth and app control.

The Polaroid OneStep+ is a classic instant camera with a couple of contemporary features

For the most part, the OneStep+ behaves like a classic Polaroid instant camera. While it might not fold up like the SX-70, it does take after the OneStep line, once known as the Land Camera 1000. Like the OneStep 2, the OneStep+ uses both i-Type and 600 Polaroid film.

But where the SX-70 and the OneStep 2 are either faithful recreations or continuations, respectively, of older Polaroid cameras, the OneStep+ is an evolution. While retaining the older Polaroid style, the OneStep+ includes Bluetooth functionality. Pressing the + button on the camera activates this and allows you to connect to the Polaroid Originals app on your phone. The app, in turn, lets you control your OneStep+ in different ways, from remotely triggering the camera to being able to set a self-timer.

The Polaroid 600, OneStep 2, and SX-70, all offered by Polaroid Originals, are simply updates to or recreations of classic Polaroid instant cameras. They use either 600, i-Type, or SX-70 film. The OneStep+ is the only one with that Bluetooth connectivity and app control.

One more thing: portrait mode

The OneStep+, unlike the OneStep 2, features a secondary internal lens specifically for portraits. A switch on the top of the camera switches between standard and portrait photos. Switching to the portrait lens allows you to get closer to your subjects than the standard lens does, allowing for clearer, more detailed portraits.

Modern instant camera

Polaroid OneStep+

A classic Polaroid instant camera with a modern touch

An updated version of the Polaroid OneStep 2, the OneStep+ features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to control it through the Polaroid originals app on your phone, letting you set a remote trigger, create double exposures, set a timer, and more.

Updated classic

Polaroid OneStep 2

An update to a classic

The successor to Polaroid's original OneStep camera from the 1970s works much like that classic camera did, using 600 (and now i-Type) film to create the iconic photographs for which Polaroid was famous. It actually doesn't add a lot to the original instant camera experience, though this camera comes with a lithium-ion battery that's recharged through Micro-USB.

Back in time

Polaroid 600

An old favorite instant camera, carefully refurbished.

Polaroid Originals has taken the time to refurbish a number of instant cameras that utilize Polaroid 600 film, including this One Step Flash camera. Authentically 80s, this camera works as well now as it did then.

Stylish and foldable

Polaroid SX-70

A foldable instant SLR camera

Just as it did with the Polaroid 600 cameras, Polaroid Originals has restored cameras from the SX-70 to good as new. Folding up for easy portability, the SX-70 was the first SLR instant camera, but it requires a separate flash for lower-light situations.

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