WhatsApp message thread on iPhone XSource: Luke Filipowicz/iMore

What you need to know

  • WhatsApp is making changes to contact pages for group chats and businesses.
  • The new WhatsApp changes don't appear to be limited to those on the beta program.
  • WhatsApp has already rolled improved contact pages out to some people.

WhatsApp is already rolling out a redesigned contact page on iOS and now it's expanding that new look to businesses and group chats, too.

We told you earlier this month that WhatsApp is improving its contact pages and now WABetaInfo reports that the same new look is coming to business and group chat pages, too.

Whatsapp New Contacts Group ChatsSource: WABetaInfo

As you can see in this screenshot, we have the new interface for Business Info, but it's the same for Contact Info. In addition, WhatsApp is also releasing the same revamped interface for the section "Group Info". Thanks to the latest roll-out, WhatsApp is enabling the new user interface for Contact Info, Business Info, and Group Info for a large number of people today.

While WABetaInfo suggests that this new look is rolling out to beta testers now, I've noticed that I already have this new interface on my iPhone — and I'm using the version of WhatsApp that's already available in the App Store. That might suggest that WhatsApp is making the improved contact pages available to all, whether they're on the beta program or not.

WhatsApp is one of the best iPhone apps at what it does but few would argue that it's a good-looking app. These changes improve the layout of contact pages considerably and it's all most welcome indeed.