When it comes to home automation, Philips Hue lights are one of the best smart light bulbs on the market. Not only are they fully integrated with HomeKit, meaning you can control them from your iPhone, iPad, or with Siri, they are usually pretty easy to find; however, Philips Hue can get quite expensive.

While a Philips Hue light bulb will always be more expensive than your standard light bulb, here are a few suggestions on how to get your hands on some for a little less money.

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon is already one of the cheapest places to buy Philips Hue lights at regular place. However, the Amazon Warehouse can have some truly great deals.

If you don't know, Amazon Warehouse is where Amazon sells items that are either pre-owned or open-box products at discounted prices. When it comes to the Philips Hue lights, typically you're going to find open-box items at a discount, or damaged packages.

Depending on the product and the seller, the discounts can drastically change from listing to listing, so you'll have to do a little sleuthing; however, Amazon has a great return policy and customer service, so you should feel comfortable that you're taking minimal risk.

Check out Philips Hue in the Amazon Warehouse


Some online stores (or maybe even some retailers) do sell refurbished Philips Hue bulbs and hardware, which can sometimes be picked up for an extreme discount.

Of course, you should do some research from the place you are buying, regardless of the source. Make sure you are familiar with the return or refund policy so you know how to protect yourself in case you receive a faulty or damaged product. As a starting point, you could always check out Newegg, which is a highly regarded online retailer.

See Refurbished Philips Hue at Newegg


When it comes to finding things for cheap, the name eBay gets thrown around quite a bit. You can find lots of listing from eager sellers willing to sell you Philips Hue lights on eBay, and if you look hard enough, you may even find a really good deal.

See Philips Hue on eBay

Government rebates

I'm not entirely sure how common these are, but some governments or other regulatory bodies will offer rebates or subsides for renovating or otherwise updating older incandescent bulbs to newer LED bulbs because they are more energy efficient. Sometimes these rebates, tax breaks, or other incentives can be used with smart bulbs like the Philips Hue, so look around and see what you can find for your area!


Thrifter is one of the best daily deals websites around. The dedicated team of deal seekers constantly updates the site with new deals as they hit the web, in all sorts of categories, including smart home products like Philips Hue! Check Thrifter daily for the best results!

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Updated July 2018: Don't forget to check out Thrifter every day for new deals!




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