Which Apple Pencil does iPad mini 5 support?

Which iPad models support Apple Pencil?
Which iPad models support Apple Pencil? (Image credit: iMore)

Which Apple Pencil does iPad mini 5 support?

The new iPad mini (2019) uses the original Apple Pencil

Apple has made a number of dreams come true and included support for the original Apple Pencil in its brand new, fifth-generation iPad mini. The first-generation Pencil features a Lightning connector on top, underneath a removable cap. Just plug the connector on the Pencil into the iPad mini's Lightning port, then tap "Pair" when prompted to do so on your iPad, and you're good to go. From then on, the Pencil will be connected to the iPad via Bluetooth.

The Lighting connector is also how you charge the original Apple Pencil. You can plug it into your iPad mini when you're not using it so that the Pencil can charge. The Pencil also comes with a Lightning adapter, which has two Lightning ports, one which is plugged into by a Lightning cable, and the other which you use to plug in your Apple Pencil. This way, the Pencil can charge without having to stick out of your iPad mini.

What about the Apple Pencil (second generation)?

So far, Apple has made only one set of devices that work with the second-generation Pencil, the 2018 iPad Pro models. Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro have flat sides that accommodate a magnetic attachment point for carrying the second-generation Apple Pencil, this magnetic point also has a built-in inductive charger for the Pencil.

Including this hardware on the new iPad mini would have driven up costs for Apple, and, subsequently, the price of the new iPad for customers.

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