Which smartphone camera do YOU think is the best?

You might have noticed that there have been a few new and exciting smartphones released recently. As we like to do, we ran out and took a bunch of photos with the biggest players out there to see how they compare — but first we want to get your feedback.

Instead of us sitting here, comparing the photos, and tell you which we prefer, it's your turn to tell us which ones you like the best. So below you'll find the images we've snapped with four recently-released smartphones with high-end cameras — but we're not going to tell you which phones or even which one took which photo.

The images below are randomized on load for every question and stripped out identifying EXIF data to make this as cheat-proof as we can — just pick your favorites and go from there. We took each picture with the phone's default camera app on fully automatic settings (including Auto HDR) and shot entirely hand-held, just like normal people shoot normal photos all day every day.

So which smartphone takes the best photos? Let's find out! Pick your favorite for each selection by selecting the radio button above each image, and then hit the Submit Survey button at the bottom. And if you want, you can click on every photo to view it full size (we recommend that for the panoramas, as the survey's compression is a little rough).

Update: We're done collecting votes — you should definitely check out the results, but we want you to know what you voted for! So now when you select an image you'll be told which phone it came from.

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • I wish I knew right now how I did in regards to this survey. I guess I'll never know how I did
  • The cynic would say they'll only tell us if the iPhone wins LOL.
  • I keep trying to click the thumbs up button on your comment and nothing happens. The cynic in me tells me that's by design. :)
  • LOL
  • Lumia 950
  • Iphone 7 plus
  • WOW, it would have been WAY easier to just select the WORST picture and just proclaim the rest are all pretty great. In each group, there was always one that was the worst one to my eyes, and the rest were a difficult choice.
  • I completely agree. It would have been easier to pick the worst picture. I think that this exercise will show you that all off the flagships from the various manufacturers are so close with each other there is no clear winner. In all honesty from the camera perspective there were only one or two pictures in this test that I would deem as unacceptable for me (only my opinion).
  • Yup... and the problem with survey's like this is that I suspect most average consumers don't really know what to look for either. Most might just pick the one with the best color or sharpest image, and while that is their "choice", it doesn't clearly define "the best" camera. Some pics had better color, but worse exposure range. Some better range, but worse noise, etc.. There's just so many factors and the true "best camera" is going to be the one that on average scores high in all those categories, not just a few that the laymen might have an eye for.
  • Has it been stated anywhere when we'll see the results?
  • Was interested to find out the results
  • Nokia Lumia 1020
  • Don't care. The best camera is the one in my pocket.
  • Exactly.
  • A Smart Phone purchased in 2020 is better than all of these. Best wait!!
  • No way, 2021 got those beat!
  • So judge pictures based on how they look on a crappy corporate laptop screen ? Who cares anyway ? All flagships take good pics. If you want archive quality photos for a once in a lifetime event, bring a purpose built camera. I don't have the time to worry about this devices camera takes marginally better photos under these conditions to jump platforms and upset my workflow / life flow. Not going to happen. I am content.
  • Why comment?
  • Who spent all this time bouncing around Cincinnati taking all these pictures?
  • The Pixel did best despite its halo, the iPhone 7 was a good middle choice, but the Galaxy with its odd artifacts and focus didn't do as well as I'd expected. What's the fourth contender, the one with lens troubles?