iPod Shuffle

What you need to know

  • Apple Apple Watch in multiple materials, including stainless steel.
  • Apple also made a special edition iPod Shuffle from the same material.
  • iPod Shuffle Edition, perhaps?

We have multiple materials to choose from when selecting an Apple Watch. And there's even the high-end Apple Watch Edition to go for if you want something a little more flashy. But Apple Watch isn't the first time Apple has offered a special edition at the top of the range. Enter, the Stainless Steel iPod Shuffle.

Yes, we'd forgotten it ever existed, too. But thankfully Apple watcher extraordinaire Stephen Hacket hasn't forgotten. Stephen never forgets.

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Apparently this special edition iPod Shuffle shipped in 2009, with the always awesome Phil Schiller delivering the announcement on-stage. He seems really excited by it, although we're still unsure how anyone was ever supposed to use an iPod without any buttons.

Buttons or not, this is one shiny iPod Shuffle and now we're scouring eBay to try and find one. We'll add it to our wishlist along with a U2 iPod and an iPod Hi-Fi.