Why wait for iOS 13 and AirPods audio sharing when you can already do so with FlyTunes from Scosche!

Scosche today announced the launch of a new wireless transmitter for Bluetooth headphones. What makes this one unique is that it can be shared with two sets of Bluetooth headphones. You don't need iOS 13 and you don't need AirPods.

What is FlyTunes? It's a small box, about two inches squared, that plugs directly into a 3.5mm headphone jack and then turns that port into a Bluetooth transmitter so you can connect to the audio wirelessly. This is perfect for planes, treadmills with audio inputs, and yes, Nintendo Switch. There are lots of Bluetooth headphone adapters out there, but what makes Scosche's FlyTunes special is its support of audio sharing.

With audio sharing, you can connect two sets of headphones with one FlyTunes transmitter. With one little box, two people can jump in and listen to the in-flight movie using their favorite headphones without needing to plug in. AirPods? Powerbeats Pro? Bose SoundSport? They're all good to go with any device that has a 3.5mm jack even if it doesn't support Bluetooth, and yes. That includes your parent's old receiver and your Nintendo Switch.

FlyTunes has a 30-foot reach, so you can move around without losing your connection. Plus, you don't have to sit right next to your brother or sister if you want to watch the same movie on the plane.

It is rated for eight hours of battery life for a single charge. Scosche also has a universal charging case for $30 that you can use to charge up your FlyTunes and wireless headphones at the same time.

FlyTunes comes in black or white and is available now from Scosche.

Lory Gil

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