Will your iPad mini cases fit the new iPad mini 4?

Earlier we determined that many cases for the iPhone 6 would still be compatible with the iPhone 6s, with the exception of tight fitting covers such as waterproof cases. Hoping we could say the same for the iPad mini 4 was a tall order, however. There's a considerable difference in dimensions between both current versions and the iPad mini 4 that would make any case you currently own just a bit too short in height and roomy in thickness.

That said, there are a couple cases for the iPad mini 4 available from Apple including the Smart Cover and Silicone Case in a variety of color options. Get the full lowdown on size specs below.

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CategoryiPad mini 2iPad mini 3iPad mini 4
Thickness0.29 inches(7.5 mm)0.30 inches(7.4 mm)0.24 inches(6.1 mm)
Weight0.73 lbs(331 grams)0.75 lbs(341 grams)0.65 lbs(298.8 grams)
Height7.87 inches(200 mm)7.87 inches(200 mm)8 inches(203.2 mm)
Width5.3 inches(134.7 mm)5.3 inches(134.7 mm)5.3 inches(134.8 mm)
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