Will your iPad mini cases fit the new iPad mini 4?

Earlier we determined that many cases for the iPhone 6 would still be compatible with the iPhone 6s, with the exception of tight fitting covers such as waterproof cases. Hoping we could say the same for the iPad mini 4 was a tall order, however. There's a considerable difference in dimensions between both current versions and the iPad mini 4 that would make any case you currently own just a bit too short in height and roomy in thickness.

That said, there are a couple cases for the iPad mini 4 available from Apple including the Smart Cover and Silicone Case in a variety of color options. Get the full lowdown on size specs below.

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CategoryiPad mini 2iPad mini 3iPad mini 4
Thickness0.29 inches
(7.5 mm)
0.30 inches
(7.4 mm)
0.24 inches
(6.1 mm)
Weight0.73 lbs
(331 grams)
0.75 lbs
(341 grams)
0.65 lbs
(298.8 grams)
Height7.87 inches
(200 mm)
7.87 inches
(200 mm)
8 inches
(203.2 mm)
Width5.3 inches
(134.7 mm)
5.3 inches
(134.7 mm)
5.3 inches
(134.8 mm)
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