Willow introduced the Willow Pump at CES 2017, and it aims to revolutionize the way women pump their breast milk, allowing the user to wear it under her bra and pump on the go!

The classic pumping method usually involves a somewhat cumbersome device that features a dangling bottle, and it requires constant attention — not the easiest thing to do when out and about.

This is #Willow, a smart, discrete breast pump for nursing mothers. #ces2017

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As you can see from the above Instagram video, the unit is self-contained, with a disposable bag inside that slides out so you can fill bottles. The bags feature a one-way valve so that milk goes in, but doesn't come out, and the milk tracking app keeps tabs on your volume.

The flanges are dishwasher-safe, and everything else is easy to clean and take apart. You get two pumps in the box (you know, symmetry and all that), as well as 24 milk bags, as starter guide, and more.

Willow Pump

Willow isn't shipping yet, but you can sign-up via email to be notified when it does!

What do you think? Awesome gadget or more subversion of breastfeeding advocacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!