World's most accurate Apple leaker hit with legal warning

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What you need to know

  • Kang is the world's most accurate Apple leaker.
  • The mysterious source has taken to Weibo stating they have received legal warnings from Apple regarding their operations.
  • Lawyers for the company reportedly told him to stop sharing information about unreleased Apple products.

The world's most accurate Apple leaker, a Weibo blogger by the name of 'Kang', says he has been hit with a legal warning from Apple stating he must stop sharing information about the company.

In a post on Weibo Kang stated:

New achievements today. Recently, Apple commissioned a law firm to send some letters in batches, and I also received this batch of things, the content is probably, we did not publish things, you can not disclose on the Internet, this will give effective information to Apple's competitors, and it will also be misleading. Consumers, because what is disclosed may not be accurate. (I express my understanding of the above) - Translated

Kang went on to state he had never published undisclosed pictures of products or sold information about Apple, indeed most of Kang's leaks come in the form of Weibo posts. Notably he has often put out huge leak dumps just days or even hours prior to Apple events, such as the iPhone 12 launch last year.

Kang quipped that Apple had taken exception to "riddles and dreams", which is a popular way for leakers to share inside information.

Kang says he will not do this in future, suggesting he is likely to heed the warning from Apple.

According to Apple track Kang has a track record of 97.1%, meaning nearly everything he has shared about Apple has come to pass. However he has only a couple of rumors this year and nothing since April.

Apple does not suffer leaks likely, earlier this year it sued an employee who allegedly leaked trade secrets about the company to benefit his startup.

Creator of Apple concepts Jermaine Smit also says he has received similar warnings from Apple in the last week:

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