Iphone 13 Concept RenderSource: ConceptsiPhone

What you need to know

  • iPhone 12 is only a month old but there is already an iPhone 13 concept to consider.
  • The concept shows a curved screen with an "edge" display, but is that a good thing?

We're still coming to terms with iPhone 12 but that wasn't going to stop people from looking forward to iPhone 13. That's the case here with an iPhone 13 concept appearing on YouTube a full 11 months or so before it will be announced.

It's obvious that nothing here is based on leaks or anything of the sort, but it's always fun to see what concept artists can come up with when left to let their creativity run wild. This video from ConceptsiPhone is a great example of that – but would you actually buy it if Apple pulled this thing out of the bag next year?

Take a look.

iPhone 13 Introducing Trailer 2021 — Apple. All-new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro is HERE with Quad Camera, innovative edges screen, Wonderful Colors and iOS 15.

Ignore the iPhone 13 Pro concept because it's pretty boring. That fancy iPhone 13 with its curved screen and *"edge" display feature is where it's at.

Now, ignoring the fact that Apple wouldn't bring such a thing to its mid-range device first, this looks pretty cool. Looks it. In reality, it'd be awful to use. And take that from a man who had a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge back in the day. It'd be impossible to hold without your fleshy palm calling your grandma every minute. Grandma doesn't need you in her life that much.

I know I wouldn't want anything even close to what this concept shows, but what about you? Would a very curved iPhone screen be something you'd be up for?