Wunderlist updates offerings for Pro users, introduces Files and Team Pricing

The Wunderlist apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac have been updated to add support for Files, a new feature aimed at Pro users. They've also announced new Team Pricing for businesses as well as some updates and enhancements for all users.

Wunderlist explains Files as the ability to attach files to tasks that others in your team can see and act on. An example Wunderlist gives is how you could upload a file and attach it to a task asking an art designer to add content. Overall, it will be a useful feature for professionals who need to frequently collaborate on projects that involve media files.

As for Wunderlist's new Team Pricing, plans range from as little as $22.99 a month all the way up to $1,749.99 a month for teams of over 500 members. If you're a Wunderlist Pro user, let us know how your organization uses it and what you think of the new pricing models.

For free Wunderlist users, you'll now notice better notes behavior as well as the ability to navigate through Wunderlist completely hands free.

Source: 6Wunderkinder

Joseph Keller

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