Wunderlist's 2015 plans include new features, integrations, and a public API

Folders are coming to Wunderlist, letting users keep their tasks from home, work, and more separate and distinct. The app is also getting a redesigned sidebar, and adding a Quick Add feature, which allows you to quickly create new items and lists, according to Wunderlist:

Just like you, we know that when an idea strikes it needs to be quickly captured. With one tap of Quick Add's blue circle, you can instantly add a to-do or a new list. What's really special, is that adding to-dos to Wunderlist has become truly intelligent. Like magic, Quick Add instantly recognizes and creates a Reminder and Due Date as you type or speak.

Following the additions of Folders and Quick Add, Wunderlist will launch integrations with a number of apps and services, as well as their public API. The Wunderlist Public API will allow developers to integrate the service directly into their own apps. When integrations are launched, they'll include services such as Slack, Gmail, and more:

We will be launching with some of your most requested integrations like starring an email in Gmail to add it to your Wunderlist; Being able to see when your colleagues create and check-off to-dos in Slack or HipChat; or sync Wunderlist with your favorite note taking app. Plus, there will be plenty more to come.

Finally, the company will be launching Wunderlist for Work at some point in 2015. Wunderlist for Work will add, as you can imagine, a number of business-focused features like user activity logs, company task lists, a central dashboard, and more.

Wunderlist has not announced a firm date for the arrival of these new features, saying only that Folders and Quick Add would be arriving "soon," while integrations, and Public API, and Wunderlist for Work will pop up at later dates.

Source: Wunderlist