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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has updated its Xbox Family Settings app for iOS.
  • It brings new controls to help limit child spending on the platform.
  • You can now set spending limits and view account balances, as well as spending history.

Microsoft has updated its Xbox Family Settings app for iOS, bringing controls for children's spending to devices like the iPhone 12.

Microsoft announced the changes in a press release Tuesday stating:

One of the top pieces of feedback we've received from parents about the Xbox Family Settings app is to include options to track and manage kids' spending. Feedback has ranged from "I'd like to add money to my child's account as a reward for good grades on their report card. Can I do this from the app?" to "I want to give my kid an allowance to spend money on games through the app," and "How do I manage how much money my son can spend while he's gaming? I don't want any surprises!"

Microsoft has introduced new spending limits to the app so you can decide exactly how much your children can spend on the Microsoft store and in-game. There's also a new 'Ask to Buy' feature which will notify you when your child tries to make a purchase without sufficient funds. A new account balance will show you exactly how much money your child has in their account, and spending history does exactly what you'd expect.

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