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What you need to know

  • Apple has confirmed its Apple Card outage is now resolved.
  • Some users were unable to make in-store payments for two days.

You can now use your Apple Card to pay for things in stores with confidence after Apple fixed a two-day outage.

People first started to report issues making in-store Apple Card payments on June 14, with Apple noting that some users were affected and that it was investigating.

Some users may not be able to make in-store purchases with Apple Card using Apple Pay.

Now, two days later, things are back up and running after Apple updated its system status page to note that service is once again available. It isn't saying what it's done to get things back up and running or what was wrong, obviously, but it did at least update the status to use the past tense. So that's good.

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Apple Card Service Restored ScreenshotSource: iMore

Some users were not able to make in-store purchases with Apple Card using Apple Pay.

Good to know. However, this is the second major outage of this ilk in a number of weeks and it's hardly going to instill confidence in those who rely on the card. I'd still suggest carrying another card around with you just in case because, for whatever reason, in-person transactions do seem to be an issue for Apple Card of late.

Another option would be to check out the best credit cards with Apple Pay support and go that route, instead. You might not get the same Apple Card features, but you can be more confident that your card will work when you need it to.

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