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What you need to know

  • A new Alexa app update puts the digital assistant onto your Home screen.
  • A new widget means Alexa is never more than a tap away.

Fans of Amazon's Alexa can now talk to the digital assistant more quickly and easily after the iPhone and iPad app was updated to add support for a new iOS 14 widget.

With the new update installed, talking to Alexa is never more than a tap away and it's an interesting alternative to dealing with Siri for those people who are all-in on the Alexa and Echo ecosystem.

The new widget is one that Alexa fans have been hoping for ever since iOS 14 added support for widgets last year, but it's taken Amazon almost a year to get its act together. It's here now though, and it's looking pretty sweet indeed.

On iOS 14 or higher, you can now add the new Ask Alexa widget to your home screen and tap to talk to Alexa.

Those with the Alexa app installed can go and download the update via the App Store. Everyone getting in on the ground floor can download the app right now. It's free and is a must-have if you're knee-deep in Echo devices.

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