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What you need to know

  • You can now order a new pair of AirPods Max ear cushions in all colors.

After putting them up on its website last year, Apple has now made replacement AirPods Max ear cushions available to purchase. Priced at $69, the cushions are available in Silver, Black, Green, Sky Blue, and Red to match the colors of AirPods Max headphones.

Unlike most things for sale on the online Apple Store, the product overview for AirPods Max Ear Cushions is very short and very sweet.

Replacement ear cushions for AirPods Max.

Yep. That pretty much covers it.

Apple says that it can get some new ear cushions out to you in a single business day right now which is a far cry from the weeks you'll have to wait if you order a pair of AirPods Max today. The new availability of ear cushions also opens up the possibility to custom configurations, at least aftermarket. These ear cushions connect to AirPods Max via magnets, making them supremely easy to swap in and out. Fancy throwing some Red cushions on your Space Gray AirPods Max? Well, now you can.

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There was a suspicion that AirPods Max were supposed to be sold this way all along, similar to Apple Watch and watch bands. That never came to pass, but the ease with which these things can be swapped out does make one wonder.

Even at $69, they're still cheaper than some of the Apple-made watch bands.

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