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What you need to know

  • Apple has partnered with VolunteerMatch in Apple Maps.
  • Volunteers can find opportunities in major cities and remote as well.

Apple has been adding a lot of new content to Apple Maps that provides guides from trusted sources on things like the best food, parks, and more to visit when you are in some major cities across the United States. Now, the company is trying to use its mapping service to match would-be volunteers with volunteer opportunities in their area.

As reported by CNET, Apple has partnered with VolunteerMatch to help volunteers find COVID-safe ways to give back to their communities.

The new feature is built into Apple's Maps program on its iPhones and iPads. Normally, when the map shows a city such as San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta or New York City, users can swipe up from the search bar to find items curated by local newspapers and activity-guide companies, ranging from bike trails to lists of lesser-known restaurants and sights. Now it has guides listed by VolunteerMatch too.

If you open the Maps app on an iPhone or iPad and tap the search bar, you should see a collection called "Great Places to Volunteer" in the city closest to you that supports the feature.

Be a force for kindness and healing for our communities, and give in ways that matter. Check out these great places to volunteer. Virtual opportunities are available as well to provide support from home. Check the link for each listing for details.

For the Washington D.C. area, some of the organizations featured in the collection include the Capital Area Food Bank, the American Red Cross, and the Family & Youth Initiative.

Check out the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad to see the volunteer opportunities in areas closest to you.