You can now Mail to Things 3 for even more ways to manage your to-dos

I've been using Things 3 to-do app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac ever since Microsoft announced that Wunderlist will be shutting down once the company finalizes its own To-Do app. I knew I needed to find a replacement, and tried about a dozen different ones. Things 3 topped my list as the most comparable replacement with the features I need.

Today, Cultured Code launched a nice little update that makes Things 3 even better than before. You can now send emails to your Things inbox using Mail to Things.

When you enable the feature in Things 3.3, you'll get a unique email address. Send something to Things from your preferred email app and make sure to save it as one of your contacts (so you don't have to keep copying that email address every time you want to use it).

You can send direct emails, forward emails you've received, and even give the Things email address to one of your colleagues or family members so they can send tasks to your to-do list.

This update really lets Things shine. You can use it alongside Workflow and IFTTT to build workflows that create to-do lists automatically.

I haven't even begun to touch the surface of what Mail to Things means for my productivity, but I've already created a Christmas gift tracking list and I send my shipping updates to Things from my email account. It's pretty sweet.

If you use Things in Cloud, you'll automatically see the to-do items you've emailed to your Things inbox across all of your devices. The update is available now.

If you don't already own Things 3 for iPhone, I highly recommend it.

Lory Gil

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