When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6, it made a pick deal about the ability to monitor your blood oxygen levels right from your wrist with the new Blood Oxygen app. It's nice that Apple continues to include great health monitor features into the newest version of the Apple Watch every year, but those health features come at a price.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is the only Apple Watch that comes with the blood oxygen monitoring software and sensors, meaning the cheaper Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3 might leave you gasping for air. The good news is with all the Prime Day deals, you can get a fingertip blood oxygen monitor for less than $18!

Know your blood oxygen levels: Contec Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Slap this oximeter on your fingertip and accurate heart rate and a blood oxygen level readings in a blink of an eye!

$17.60 at Amazon

Knowing your blood oxygen levels is important to a lot of people. Some people may have pre-exciting health conditions that require the occasional readout of your blood oxygen readings to ensure they know when to seek medical attention. Others will often use blood oxygen level monitors to train for intense sports — such as high altitude climbing or hiking — where oxygen is less present, meaning they have to ensure their body is using the oxygen they do get efficiently. Whatever the case may be, the Contec Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter may be the best solution for you, especially when you don't want to spend $400 on the newest Apple Watch.

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The Contec Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter offers over 30 hours of continuous heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, and clips on to your finger to give you accurate readings. Its bright LED display is easy to see and read, even if you're out in the sun, and it uses easy-to-find AAA batteries. It even comes with a lanyard so you can have it around your neck, wrist, or hanging out of your bag for easy access.

If you've been craving a way to monitor your blood oxygen levels easily and with minimal effort, this deal is too good to pass up!

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